Sports marketing

10 Instagram tools that are changing sports marketing

As one of the first industries exposed to trends, it can be difficult to know what to do, which is why many sports social media channels have started to look into certain tools to give them an edge.

And whether you’re a young football professional or a footballer with a platform of influence, here are some Instagram tools you can use to start getting ahead of the rest of the sports world.


One of the best ways for new athletes to start engaging is with the YoViral agency, which helps you gain more likes, comments, and followings.

Since many services that promise the same are bots or use themselves as farms, YoViral uses a platform that puts your content in front of real people who would genuinely love the content you post; so, for example, a soccer player using ViralRace would immediately be put in front of soccer fans. A great tool for the aspiring athlete, ViralRace is one of our favorite newcomers from last year.


Perhaps one of the most impressive design tools of recent years, Figma has been the secret to how many athletes are able to quickly produce such quality content. With Figma, social media managers can design new posts in real time with their collaborators.

As one of the more intuitive design software offerings, Figma shows no signs of slowing down and is certainly ideal if you and your team need to plan around an athlete or team as well.


As one of the simpler design tools, Canva has been of great help in the world of sports. From grassroots leagues looking for a new solution for their gaming posters to leading social media managers looking for something to create graphics quickly and efficiently, Canva is made for both parties.

With a free and paid version, Canva is easy software to get used to and create new designs.


While you can personally invest in an athlete, BuzzSumo can help you accurately determine if they’re the right influencer for your business.

With BuzzSumo, the objective is to research and find statistics on influencers, giving you the best return on investment for what you will pay; however, with the world of sport, it’s all about reputation and niche.

Instagram stories

A simple but effective strategy, using Instagram Stories in a normal feed is always a good choice. Since Instagram Stories are a low risk but high reward method of engagement, many football players have started to use the medium as a medium to show what they do on a daily basis.

In return, fans can see Paul Pogba and Lionel Messi going about their day-to-day business like never before.


Considering that VSCO is one of the most powerful visual communities out there, it should be no secret that they are having an impact on the world of sports as well.

With filters popular among soccer players and famous personalities, VSCO has become a mammoth of an industry, with which few people have any idea how to compete.

VSCO is compiled by one of the most useful online communities, giving you the ability to develop a truly in-the-aesthetic detail as you.

Adobe premiere

As one of the leading video editing platforms, Adobe Premiere has been a mainstay in the sports world for editing highlights – especially those of a football player.

For some time now, it has been the unmissable event for scouts, fans and the media. While this is a tried and true classic, Adobe Premiere also establishes a foundation that not many people can break, it has all the tools to take your social media release forward.

Facebook for business

If you don’t like advertising on Instagram, then you are going to have a great time with Facebook For Business.

Instagram advertising is particularly effective in determining what characteristics of a person would likely make them a sports fan; for example, by researching not only what sports they are good at, but also where they went in high school, how much money they make, and even what type of car they drive.

As advertising can be a great way to attract new fans to a sport, it is also a method of finding those who are in a similar genre of competition, which as a sports team owner should be. adopted long term.


For an in-depth look at how your Instagram is performing, SproutSocial is an essential tool in the market.

For sports teams, this has been one of the leading services to study their performance at the corporate level.

SproutSocial has helped a number of teams gain social media traction on their Instagram, which, if you’re looking to scale your team up, should also be considered.

Tree Link

As a popular place to put links, LinkTree is one such solution that has been beneficial for the entire social media industry in general.

Especially for sports, LinkTree has done an amazing job of compiling all of a player’s material, such as a highlight reel or other social platforms, giving fans a chance to really dive into the content behind an athlete. .

Whether you are a newbie or have a bit of skin in the game, Linktree can provide a great focal point for so many different people from Instagram.