Sports marketing

10 Sports Marketing Trends You Should Know & Use

Classic examples of OTT offerings are Netflix, Amazon Prime or Facebook. OTT stands for “Over the top” and means that content can ultimately be received regardless of the terminal.

What is the relationship with sport? Platforms like Facebook or Amazon have been shaking up the sports rights market, as it has been called for decades. For example, the Primera Division, Spain’s top professional football league, operates exclusively on Facebook in India. And even the Twitter news service is involved in sports rights. “If you wanted to watch football before, you would turn on the TV,” said Daniel Macaulay. “Now you can watch live sports anywhere, on any device.”

Even old niche sports are taking advantage of streaming possibilities. “Facebook has secured the rights to the World Surf League and will pay US $ 30 million for two years,” Macaulay said. Surfing fits perfectly with the digital target group.

Competition from the Internet poses challenges for traditional media companies. And the platforms have another big advantage: “They create profiles of their users, so they know exactly who is viewing their content and when – and can then serve targeted ads,” Macaulay said.

This database takes sports marketing to a whole new level. According to Macaulay, one company has another decisive advantage: Amazon. “Amazon has what no one has: the world’s largest online store. So any content can be directly capitalized.”