3 reasons Tiger fans would hate 12-team CFB playoffs

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Clemson’s football schedule has been a constant contender for the BFC playoffs for over half a decade, but the system could change in the near future.

According to the latest reports from several national publications, the “preferred” model for the expansion of the CFB playoffs is to move to a 12-team field.

While the logistics of this potential new ground for the playoffs have not been discussed, the general theme is that it will give every champion in the Power-5 conference an automatic bid and also give the squad squad of 5 highest ranked an automatic qualifier. The first four seeds of the tournament will receive a pass, then the No.5 through No.12 seeds will play in the first round for a chance to advance to the quarter-finals.

There are many things to love about this for Clemson football fans, including:

  • An automatic place to win the conference
  • A little extra pillow for a large bunk in case you lose a part (or even two)
  • No more football, which is never a bad thing
  • An opportunity to host playoff games in Death Valley would be a good thing (if they followed the home / away route)

But today we’re going to focus on three reasons why Clemson fans would hate the expanded field if it grew to 12 teams.

3. You have to win more matches to win a national title

One of the things Dabo Swinney has always warned about when asked about BFC’s potential for playoff expansion is the tough road it already takes to get to the playoffs and win it all.

Clemson has had two magical runs over the past six years that culminated with the Nationals, but you have to understand that adding another game – maybe two – makes the road even more difficult.

It’s easy for us as fans to get excited about more football, but at some point you have to realize that these players aren’t going to play 15, 16, or 17 games year after year without fatigue. settles at some point.

When fatigue sets in, injuries can occur and teams can go into games without the right focus.

This isn’t the main reason why Clemson fans might hate the Extended Playoffs, but it certainly doesn’t help that in the golden age of your program’s history, you will now have to (if it had to pass) win 16 or 17 games when in the past teams only had to win 12 to accomplish the same feat.

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