’90 Day Fiancé ‘Larissa Lima Gets Trendy Eye Plastic Surgery Procedure –

90 day fiancé Star Larissa Lima is a huge fan of plastic surgery. What has she done now? This time, she had a PDO Thread Lift, which is similar to a facelift.

Larissa Lima seems addicted to plastic surgery and procedures

Larissa took to her Instagram story to show fans that she was running wires around her eye area. This will create a trendy fox eye look. A procedure that most people simply use makeup to perform. The former beauty of the reality TV star has already undergone numerous procedures. At the start of the season 90 day fiancé, Larissa was looking for money from her boyfriend to get a nose and tits job. Fans now know that was one of the many surgeries to come.

Boost Confidence

Larissa’s main reasoning for wanting cosmetic surgeries was due to her ex-husband Colt Johnson. She states that he made her feel worthless and that he often put her to bodily shame. Eric, her current boyfriend, is not innocent either, he made fun of Larissa’s body and her inexperience in bed as they were apart for a few weeks.

So much plastic and so much money

Larissa Lima spent well over 70k on her many surgeries. The Brazilian star has had lip fillers, nose job, tummy tuck, breast enhancement and a Brazilian butt lift. the 90 day fiancé The star’s breast work took her from a small 34A to a large 34DD. Most people think this would be sufficient procedure for a normal person. But that’s not the case, Larissa said she wanted to look like an ‘explosive’ doll and that she wanted to have even bigger breasts, according to Screenrant.com

A fairly simple procedure compared to its many others

A thread lift injects threads into the face, the treads tighten the skin and lift certain areas of the face. The effects of the facelift last for about three years and are a non-invasive procedure. Larissa posted the video of herself undergoing the procedure on Instagram Stories. She seemed in a good mood and didn’t seem to be in pain.

The roller coaster of Larissa Lima

Larissa’s new plastic body is said to have made her $ 100,000 with just one CamSoda show. On the other hand, it also led to her getting fired by TLC.

His crazy roller coaster ride doesn’t end there. Larissa was also picked up by ICE agents and released a later court date, but it also kept Larissa on trend for weeks. With his new body and the money it brings him with OnlyFans and the sponsors, it’s no wonder the ex-90 Day Betrothed star would opt for a bigger and better bust.

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