’90 Day Fiance ‘speculation: is Larissa Lima engaged to Eric?

90 day fiancé Larissa Lima hinted at her boyfriend Eric Nichols about a possible marriage. Fans are now questioning a recent photo that prompted more questions about her relationship status.

Happy New Year, Bad New Year

Larrisa and her boyfriend Eric has had a very crazy year! Larissa went through a series of good things as well as some unexpected bad ones.

New body

Larissa has had various surgeries this year and has managed to get the body she always wanted. Fans watched Larissa apply for a loan from her boyfriend, Eric Nichols, so she could get a nose job and breast implants. Eric insisted he loved her exactly the way she was, he quickly handed over the $ 30,000 so Larissa could do this job, according to Monsters and critics.

His money

Larissa Lima showed off her new body by launching her own OnlyFans account. Larissa even did a CamSoda wearing a thong, which left little to the imagination. The Brazilian beauty seems to be making fans understand that she is not in debt. Larissa was able to reimburse her boyfriend and even pay for more procedures as she liked! She seems to be doing very well financially and has recently moved to Colorado, to a beautiful new home with Eric.

A bit of bad luck for Larissa Lima

Larissa was arrested a few weeks ago at her and her boyfriend’s home, Eric Nichols’ home in Las Vegas. As the couple got ready to get in the car and take their U-Haul on a road trip to Colorado Springs… where they bought a home after selling their Vegas home. As reported by TMZ.

Their love seems real

Eric took care of Larissa Lima after her recent plastic surgeries. He helped her get in and out of bed as she recovered from the anesthesia. Eric even spoon-fed her when she was in too much pain to move. In the final episode, before Tell-All viewers watch Larissa’s friends suggest that the two are getting married, Eric looks frightened by the idea. Larissa said, “It made me realize that we really care about each other,” Eric told the producers. “I know she cares enough for me to take care of her. And I care enough about her to want to take care of her. So that tells me it’s a big link.

Engagement for Larissa Lima?

Fans believe the two are finally engaged after Larissa posted a recent photo in the mirror that shows a large diamond ring on her left hand! Does that mean Eric finally proposed? Fans will have to wait and find out, but you can see the image below.

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