’90 Day Fiancé ‘star Larissa Lima reveals why she thinks TLC kicked her out of the franchise

Larissa Dos Santos Lima is one of the most talked about reality stars 90 day fiancé. But just days after the season finale aired, TLC canceled his contract. In a recent social media post, Larissa opened up about leaving the franchise and revealed why she thinks the network gave her the boot.

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Larissa won $ 100,000 for her appearance on CamSoda

In recent seasons, 90 day fiancé fans saw Larissa talking about plastic surgery to improve her appearance. Last season, the reality TV star was seen undergoing breast augmentation surgery and a nose job. And through the Tell All, she revealed that she is also due to have a Brazilian butt lift.

So in September, well after the season had ended, Larissa created content for CamSoda revealing her new look. According to TMZ, for a 60-minute live-stream lingerie show, Larissa cashed in over $ 100,000. Her show broke records for the site, and she was happy to share the news of her success on social media.

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The ’90 Day Fiancé star’ was subsequently fired from the franchise

Just days after her CamSoda live stream, Larissa released a statement revealing that she had been fired from the 90 day fiancé franchise. In the statement, which she shared on Instagram, the reality TV star said her contract had been terminated.

“Dear friends and followers, I want to make a statement for you, I am no longer an actor in the series 90 day fiancé”Larissa wrote. “Due to my show with CamSoda, I was released from my contract with TLC over the phone the day before I was arrested by ICE. I will continue to produce content for my official channels on Instagram, OnlyFans and YouTube. Thank you for your understanding. , your love and care.

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Larissa says she knows why TLC canceled her ’90 day fiancé’ contract

In a recent Instagram Q&A with her followers, Larissa revealed details about her departure from the 90 day fiancé franchise. She told fans that she thinks TLC isn’t paying her enough and the network doesn’t want to compete with other projects.

“I believe the company wants to maintain old-fashioned and rather strange values,” explained Larissa. “It’s strange in what they actually tolerate. The problem the company had with me was that they didn’t want me to make more money than they could offer.

“They want all drama to be theirs to be filmed and broadcast,” she continued. “I make more money in a month now than the show paid me in a whole year. How can I continue the drama to compete with this? “

Although not on the show, Larissa plans to remain in the public eye. She is active on Instagram and OnlyFans. And she plans to start a Youtube channel where she will post updates on her life.

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