Aaron Carter attacks President Donald Trump in savage brawls after showing new face tattoo

Aaron Carter shared a series of tweets in which he criticized President Donald Trump, said he was moving to Canada and buying an island.

He said in a tweet: “Ok guys, I have a BIG announcement, I found my new home, and I’m starting the process of buying this home tomorrow. I’m at the North Pole now! can’t find me now! “

He added: “So I’m about to rent a car and drive a few hours to see my new house. I’m going fast. 😈 My brother-in-law Mike lives here and my niece Alyssa so I have family. here, and Nova Scotia is one of my FAVORITE PLACES IN THE WORLD! Plus, it allows for shorter flights for touring Europe. “

The artist went on to reveal, “I just bought this $ 7 million island 💵 Island In Kaulbach Island 🌴 in Halifax. Good luck finding me. These waters are getting colder. I put in $ 1.5 million to get away from the drama and make my music. I love you all. #WeAreTheWorld “

He also attacked Trump: “Now I bought a house here, and I’m leaving all these bulls – behind me in America. Honestly, I can’t stand my f-ing president and the way my fans treat me there. -low F – this is -. “

He added, “Dude, I was just fucking everyone. You all take this shit too seriously. I hope I made my point. I bought a house in Nova Scotia before, and honestly I don’t. support @realDonaldTrump; it’s time to get out of the US and leave the * t bullshit out there and keep blowing on the best BC. “

Carter has been going through some rough times behind the scenes recently, but that hasn’t stopped him making some new moves in his private life.

Indeed, Carter seems to be going pretty fast in this regard, as he recently showed off a brand new tattoo – all over his face, of all places.

He also took off his shirt claiming he was the biggest thing in music right now and demanded to be “fact-verified”.

It all comes out shortly after Carter came out with the shocking accusations that his late sister assaulted him when they were children.

Carter then added that he was considering killing his pregnant sister-in-law and their unborn child, prompting his brother and sister to take injunctions against him.

Many Carter fans have scratched their heads over the situation and many have urged him to seek help with his problems.

Carter made a few more tweets in which he claimed he would go to court for the restraining order his sister has against him.

However, he doesn’t plan to do the same for his brother’s restraining order, adding that he doesn’t care whether he wants him around or not.

He ended with the dramatic statement that he had no plans to talk to his brother, Nick, or anyone in the family in the future, so things were going well on his end.

These tweets excited his fans even more.

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