Adult Entertainment Site Offers Jags QB Gardner Minshew Approval Deal (PIC)

(Photo by Scott Taetsch / Getty Images)

Gardner Minshew has garnered a lot of attention since Nick Foles got injured and the guy who looks like Uncle Rico took over the team.

An adult entertainment company called “Cam Soda” has tried to capitalize on this attention by offering the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback an endorsement deal that could be worth as much as $ 1 million.

CamSoda Vice President Daryn Parker has personally reached out to Minshew to offer him an approval deal for their new CamSoda Fit classes. CamSoda hopes to add Minshew to this list by having him lead an exercise class, in his famous jockstrap.

“I wanted to reach out and relay bongacams news. The adult entertainment site has offered Jaguars Quarterback Gardner Minshew an endorsement deal of up to $ 1 million.

Given his affinity for training in a jock strap in the locker room, CamSoda offered Minshew to lead a weekly exercise class for “CamSoda Fit,” an online fitness program, group classes in. direct (yoga, bodyweight and HIIT) provided by a team. stars of adult entertainment.

Plus, as Halloween is just around the corner, the company has offered Minshew to be the official brand ambassador for their line of intimate knitwear.

If Gardner refuses the “deal of a lifetime,” all hope is not lost. CamSoda is also targeting another signal-calling Jaguars. Nick Foles and his somewhat abrasive nickname also justified CamSoda’s interest. On failure, Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones is next for his close-up, thanks to an unfortunate NFL combine wardrobe malfunction in 2016. ”

We can only hope he accepts it.

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