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90 Day Fiance star Darcey Silva, 46, announces engagement to Georgi Rusev, 32: “Our future is so great!”

She scanned the globe to try to find the man of her dreams.

And Darcey Silva was happy to announce that she was finally engaged to Georgi Rusev, according to People magazine.

The 90 Day Fiance star revealed the couple got engaged earlier this year, but kept the news private until they can properly celebrate amid the global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

To finish! Darcey Silva was happy to announce that she was finally engaged to Georgi Rusev, according to People magazine; seen in 2020

“I always feel newly engaged. I haven’t really been able to celebrate it with everyone yet. I want to be able to shout it out to the world, ”said Silva.

“It was definitely a total surprise for me. Georgi and I have a very deep connection, and I feel like I wasn’t expecting it at all at that point.

Darcey, 46, and Georgi, 32, moved in together earlier this year at the start of the pandemic, making it difficult for him to plan the perfect proposal.

Congratulations!  The 90 Day Fiance star revealed the couple got engaged earlier this year, but kept the news private until they could properly celebrate amid the global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

Congratulations! The 90 Day Fiance star revealed the couple got engaged earlier this year, but kept the news private until they could properly celebrate amid the global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

“It was really hard to find the ring, to make calls, to make the reservation for the boat, for the dinner,” said Rusev.

The couple took to social media last year and finally met face to face in Miami over Super Bowl weekend.

Silva said their connection was “instant”. “It was like a very comfortable and warm feeling and like that feeling of being at home.”

Twins!  Darcey and her twin sister featured in their own spin-off for the TLC network

Twins! Darcey and her twin sister featured in their own spin-off for the TLC network

Yikes: Their relationship hasn't been without its struggles, as it was revealed in a recent episode of TLC's Darcey & Stacey that Georgi is still married and going through a divorce

Yikes: Their relationship hasn’t been without its struggles, as it was revealed in a recent episode of TLC’s Darcey & Stacey that Georgi is still married and going through a divorce

Their relationship has not been without difficulties, however, as it was revealed in a recent episode of TLC’s Darcey & Stacey that Georgi is still married and going through a divorce.

‘The most important [thing] it’s that we understand each other and support each other, ”Rusev said. “We feel very safe with each other. ”

Silva added, “Everyone is going to have their issues from time to time, but if we can communicate and talk through that, that’s what I’ve always wanted in a relationship.”

“Everyone is going to have their issues from time to time, but if we can communicate and talk about it, that’s what I’ve always wanted in a relationship,” Silva said.

Fans watched Darcey’s quest for love over the years on 90 Day, which first showcased his sometimes tumultuous long-distance romance with Jesse Meester.

Their romance ended with an episode that aired in September 2018 and Darcey pursued a relationship with Tom, only for that relationship to end at the end of last year.

“I’ve always wanted a partner in life where you can uplift yourself and not break down,” she said. “I decided on the next relationship that I would be in, I would say what I want.

“At the end of the day, we are able to work it all out, rise above and stay strong for the love we know we share because our future is so great.”

In the past: Darcey pursued a relationship with Tom after ditching Jesse, only for that relationship to end at the end of last year

In the past: Darcey pursued a relationship with Tom after ditching Jesse, only for that relationship to end at the end of last year


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Anfisa Nava thinks Larissa Lima getting fired is ‘good’ Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:15:29 +0000

Anfisa Nava’s controversial video shocked fans recently, but the 90 Day Fiancé star is now backing Larissa Lima amid her TLC layoff.

Scroll through the comments in 90 day fiancéLarissa Lima’s Instagram feed often gives interesting information. Often it’s angry TLC fans asking him about his kids in Brazil. Sometimes it’s others who call Larissa for her expensive plastic surgery. Most importantly, it is Larissa’s loyal followers who wish her luck and appreciate her struggles. One of these fans happens to him 90 day fiancé teammate Anfisa Nava Arkhipchenko, who supported Larissa after her dismissal by TLC.

Yes 90 day fiancé Fans accused 33-year-old Larissa of being hungry for fame, calling 24-year-old Anfisa a gold digger. the The Russian reality TV star’s relationship with Jorge was not much of a walk. Their arguments over finances were frequent and an incident involving Anfisa wanting a $ 10,000 bag from Jorge still remains fresh. However, Jorge’s imprisonment and the resulting weight loss further strained their marriage to Anfisa, apparently cheating on him. Anfisa and Jorge, now a free man, have filed for divorce, but several mysteries about his past still surround the 90 day fiancé alum. Details of Anfisa’s work before TLC were obscure, but the Certified Personal Trainer was in the news recently for starring in a porn movie. Anfisa’s Instagram is full of bold and naked snaps, but the fact that she is an adult movie star shocked her 90 day fiancé Fans. But Anfisa continues to live her life on her own terms, which is why she would support Larissa for starting a career in OnlyFans and CamSoda.

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Yesterday morning, Larissa confirmed layoff reports 90 day fiancé by posting a statement on Instagram. She confessed to her supporters that the ax was the result of her CamSoda association, where she had done a wrongdoing “oil show»Wearing a bikini. The adult streaming site and its disrespectful ethics of TLC prompted them to kick off Larissa. However, Larissa wrote: “I will continue to produce content for my official channels on Instagram, OnlyFans and YouTubeIn her statement suggesting that if she has a body of $ 72,000, she will flaunt it. Anfisa commented on the post with: “Good for you“With a laughing emoji, before adding,”You’ll be a millionaire in no time. Jorge’s ex-wife’s comment has over 800 likes from fans who enjoy the brotherhood between her and Larissa. Although a few 90 day fiancé fans felt that Anfisa was “sarcastic“And using Larissa”for the weight“, She silenced them by commenting:”Yes i was very serious. “

Fans who know what 90 day fiancéThe cast members are actually better off thinking that leaving the show might not really affect Larissa, now that she’s already a well-known star. The huge $ 100,000 she made from CamSoda and all of Cameo’s money that was invested in his plastic surgery weighs a lot more than his TLC paycheck.

Therefore, Anfisa saying that Larissa will soon be a millionaire is definitely her serious one. Anyway, it will be interesting to see if Anfisa gives him 90 day fiancé friend advice on how to use her Kylie Jenner-like figure to her fullest potential on social media.

Following: 90 Day Fiancé: How Much Money Larissa makes with Cameo & OnlyFans

90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? Airs Sunday at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

Source: Larissa Lima / IG, Anfisa Nava / IG

Mike Youngquist Natalie Mordovtseva Trish Patricia Mum Mother 90 Day Fiancé

90 day fiancé: Trish is accused of keeping Mike and ruining his marriage

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Aaron Carter attacks President Donald Trump in savage brawls after showing new face tattoo Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:15:29 +0000

Aaron Carter shared a series of tweets in which he criticized President Donald Trump, said he was moving to Canada and buying an island.

He said in a tweet: “Ok guys, I have a BIG announcement, I found my new home, and I’m starting the process of buying this home tomorrow. I’m at the North Pole now! can’t find me now! “

He added: “So I’m about to rent a car and drive a few hours to see my new house. I’m going fast. 😈 My brother-in-law Mike lives here and my niece Alyssa so I have family. here, and Nova Scotia is one of my FAVORITE PLACES IN THE WORLD! Plus, it allows for shorter flights for touring Europe. “

The artist went on to reveal, “I just bought this $ 7 million island 💵 Island In Kaulbach Island 🌴 in Halifax. Good luck finding me. These waters are getting colder. I put in $ 1.5 million to get away from the drama and make my music. I love you all. #WeAreTheWorld “

He also attacked Trump: “Now I bought a house here, and I’m leaving all these bulls – behind me in America. Honestly, I can’t stand my f-ing president and the way my fans treat me there. -low F – this is -. “

He added, “Dude, I was just fucking everyone. You all take this shit too seriously. I hope I made my point. I bought a house in Nova Scotia before, and honestly I don’t. support @realDonaldTrump; it’s time to get out of the US and leave the * t bullshit out there and keep blowing on the best BC. “

Carter has been going through some rough times behind the scenes recently, but that hasn’t stopped him making some new moves in his private life.

Indeed, Carter seems to be going pretty fast in this regard, as he recently showed off a brand new tattoo – all over his face, of all places.

He also took off his shirt claiming he was the biggest thing in music right now and demanded to be “fact-verified”.

It all comes out shortly after Carter came out with the shocking accusations that his late sister assaulted him when they were children.

Carter then added that he was considering killing his pregnant sister-in-law and their unborn child, prompting his brother and sister to take injunctions against him.

Many Carter fans have scratched their heads over the situation and many have urged him to seek help with his problems.

Carter made a few more tweets in which he claimed he would go to court for the restraining order his sister has against him.

However, he doesn’t plan to do the same for his brother’s restraining order, adding that he doesn’t care whether he wants him around or not.

He ended with the dramatic statement that he had no plans to talk to his brother, Nick, or anyone in the family in the future, so things were going well on his end.

These tweets excited his fans even more.

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’90 Day Fiancé ‘Larissa Lima Gets Trendy Eye Plastic Surgery Procedure – Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:15:29 +0000

90 day fiancé Star Larissa Lima is a huge fan of plastic surgery. What has she done now? This time, she had a PDO Thread Lift, which is similar to a facelift.

Larissa Lima seems addicted to plastic surgery and procedures

Larissa took to her Instagram story to show fans that she was running wires around her eye area. This will create a trendy fox eye look. A procedure that most people simply use makeup to perform. The former beauty of the reality TV star has already undergone numerous procedures. At the start of the season 90 day fiancé, Larissa was looking for money from her boyfriend to get a nose and tits job. Fans now know that was one of the many surgeries to come.

Boost Confidence

Larissa’s main reasoning for wanting cosmetic surgeries was due to her ex-husband Colt Johnson. She states that he made her feel worthless and that he often put her to bodily shame. Eric, her current boyfriend, is not innocent either, he made fun of Larissa’s body and her inexperience in bed as they were apart for a few weeks.

So much plastic and so much money

Larissa Lima spent well over 70k on her many surgeries. The Brazilian star has had lip fillers, nose job, tummy tuck, breast enhancement and a Brazilian butt lift. the 90 day fiancé The star’s breast work took her from a small 34A to a large 34DD. Most people think this would be sufficient procedure for a normal person. But that’s not the case, Larissa said she wanted to look like an ‘explosive’ doll and that she wanted to have even bigger breasts, according to

A fairly simple procedure compared to its many others

A thread lift injects threads into the face, the treads tighten the skin and lift certain areas of the face. The effects of the facelift last for about three years and are a non-invasive procedure. Larissa posted the video of herself undergoing the procedure on Instagram Stories. She seemed in a good mood and didn’t seem to be in pain.

The roller coaster of Larissa Lima

Larissa’s new plastic body is said to have made her $ 100,000 with just one CamSoda show. On the other hand, it also led to her getting fired by TLC.

His crazy roller coaster ride doesn’t end there. Larissa was also picked up by ICE agents and released a later court date, but it also kept Larissa on trend for weeks. With his new body and the money it brings him with OnlyFans and the sponsors, it’s no wonder the ex-90 Day Betrothed star would opt for a bigger and better bust.

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Ricco Rodriguez: “My physical form has been the best for a long time” Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:15:29 +0000

Photo credit: Lee Whitehead. Courtesy of BAMMA.

Ricco Rodriguez meets Alex nicholson on the inauguration CamSoda Captions card this Thursday for a heavyweight fight.

Rodriguez said he respects Nicholson’s talent as a dangerous person in the first round, durable and with a good defense against withdrawal. However, Rodriguez added that most fighters who lose to Nicholson tend to do so because they are tired. And he doesn’t think he will meet that fate because of the way the fight went.

“I had more opinion, it was not the last minute,” said Rodriguez MMASucka. “It was a blessing in disguise because I was able to focus and train. My physical form has been the best for a long time. “

Rodriguez said most of his recent fights have come on short notice, which has been the cause of a difficult time. He recently snapped a four-game losing streak with a win over Nandor Guelmino in January and wants to do two in a row with Nicholson.

“Nicholson is a fighter who puts on a great show,” he said. “He does a great job of entertaining the crowd. I don’t take it lightly at all. He’s a guy who can be very difficult to take down. It has an unorthodox style. It can cause problems. A win over this guy would be great.

Rodriguez already has a lot of big wins to his name. Andrei Arlovski, Randy Couture, Pete Williams and Jeff Monson to name a few. He’s the former UFC heavyweight champion to boot.

Nicholson recognized Rodriguez as a sports legend, but has tweeted that he plans to withdraw it.

“If God forbids something to happen to me and I can never fight again, I don’t know,” he said, asking if he would retire after his fight with ‘The Spartan’. “Perhaps [Nicholson’s] a fortune teller. I’ve been doing this for 80 fights, he’s got a total of 15. If Nicholson wants to get the fight going again, God bless him.

Rodriguez’s career plans

Rodriguez has said he has no plans to retire after his fight with Nicholson. In fact, Ricco “Suave”, a veteran of 81 fights, would like at least 19 more fights. Reaching 100 is not the only milestone he wants to achieve.

“My biggest thing is that I want my record to be decent when I retire,” he said. “75-25. I’m not happy with what it looks like now at 54-25 (a no contest). “

There is more to it; Rodriguez loves to fight.

“People ask me why I keep fighting. I say, ‘Well, why are you going to work every day?’ “

Besides building a record that he would be happy to retire with, Rodriguez wants one last chance to show he can compete in a great organization.

“I want to show that there is a lot of guys competing at the same age, ”he said and listed people like Fedor Emelianenko and Frank Mir. “I didn’t get the chance because of some of the mistakes I made when I was younger. When you are young you make mistakes.

Rodriguez, now 40, has had time to reflect. He said these learning lessons made him a better fighter and a better person.

“I trained my ass for this,” he says. “Now that I’m older, I have a different mindset. I have this wisdom. I’ve had my ups and downs. I have lived a busy life.

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Anfisa Nava congratulates Larissa Dos Santos Lima on leaving TLC – ‘You’ll be a millionaire in no time’ Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:15:29 +0000

90 day fiancé Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima, Colt johnsonhis ex-wife, has certainly had an eventful week.

The Brazilian mother of three, who currently lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado with her boyfriend, Eric Nichols– claimed to have been detained for several hours by ICE on September 19. On September 26, the 34-year-old 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Forever The star claimed TLC fired her due to her recent live performance on CamSoda, an adult content platform.

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Why 90 Days of Fiancé fans think Larissa and Eric might be lying about the Ice Cream arrest Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:15:29 +0000

Fans have accused the 90-day fiancée’s Larissa Lima of arranging her arrest at ICE. This isn’t the first time Colt’s ex has been caught in a lie by TLC viewers.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima started her 90 day fiancé story when she moved to America be with Colt Johnson. The long-distance romance faded when the couple married and quickly took a violent turn. However, aside from the multiple arrests that gave Larissa her criminal past, it also diminished her chances of living the American Dream. With Larissa’s biometric incident still fresh on viewers’ minds, the 90 day fiancé The star was recently engulfed in further charges of faking his own arrest from the ice.

The conjugal road for Colt and Larissa was rather tumultuous, as the couple experienced a major brawl just before their wedding. Larissa’s arrest sparked two more down the line, which threatened to put her time in the United States on the line. The second arrest also caused Larissa to punch Colt to give him a glowing lip. The third time, Larissa was charged with domestic violence for assaulting her husband at their home in Las Vegas. Larissa reportedly had scratches on her face that the police claimed to have self-inflicted. the 90 day fiancé The star avoided jail, but Colt ultimately quashed his green card application amid their bitter breakup. However, Larissa insisted that her application had already been filed and, in August 2019, shared a photo of herself outside a U.S. immigration office containing various documents. The nature of the post hinted that she would soon become a U.S. citizen, and fans immediately doubted Larissa would be naturalized due to her criminal background. Larissa insisted she was not lying and that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) had already taken her biometrics, including her photo and fingerprints.

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the 90 day fiancé the star gave fans a moment of déjà vu last Saturday after the news of Larissa’s arrest by ICE broken. Carmen Nys, Larissa’s friend, posted a story about her arrest by ICE as she moved to Colorado with boyfriend Eric Nichols. TLC fans breathed a sigh of relief when Larissa was out of custody hours later, with her and Eric sharing videos (via laricristinalimafans) declaring his freedom. However, that’s what raised the alarm bells in the minds of many fans. 90 day fiancé Viewers accused Eric of directing a video in which Larissa was seen exiting an ICE office, which they said was closed on Saturdays. A blogger also called officials on the phone, but only one said he was not aware of such a case. Larissa and Carmen, who couldn’t handle the charges that came their way, then shared a photo of the official release order. Rather early, Larissa added a long post on Instagram where she revealed she was receiving death threats and also called on people to say it was a publicity stunt. the 90 day fiancé star said she will reveal all the details on her next YouTube channel.

As reported by SoapDirt in August 2019, fans similarly criticized Larissa about her green card process. “Showing that she has completed an application and standing on the sidewalk in front of the government building is not ‘proofThe author argued, while adding that some believed Larissa had photographed herself outside of USCIS during the debate. While evidence of the recent incident surrounding Larissa resides in the video shared by Eric, the document has been disputed by many. 90 day fiancé Fans. However, the fact remains that Larissa still has her work permit to help her earn $ 100,000 on CamSoda. Moreover, she could still marry Eric for a brand new green card. Viewers will have to wait and see what happens next.

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90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? Airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

Source: larissachristinalimafans, Larissa Lima, Eric Nichols, Soap dirt

deavan jihoon taeyang son-90 days fiance

90 day fiancé: Taeyang looks like he grew up in Deavan’s new IG post

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’90 Day Fiance ‘star Larissa Dos Santos Lima splits from boyfriend Eric Nichols after reconciliation Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:15:29 +0000

After a reconciliation that took place 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever, Larissa Dos Santos Lima has revealed that she and her boyfriend Eric Nichols have broken up again. the 90 day fiancé The franchise star confirmed in an Instagram note that things are officially over between her and Nichols.

“Since I started my presence on social networks, I feel that we have created a relationship of trust. That’s why I feel responsible for communicating to you when something important is happening in my life, ”she began the note. “I am no longer in a relationship. We have decided to go our separate ways for now. We are different people who have gone their separate ways in search of development and happiness. Hope you understand. This is a new one. chapter of my life and I’m excited to see what happens next. “

While many fans were shocked by the news, others have already noticed that Dos Santos Lima ditched Nichols on Instagram and deleted all of their photos together. On Monday, Nichols shared a shirtless photo of himself promoting his OnlyFans page, further fueling rumors of breaking up with the “Single N red-e 2 mingle” caption.

The Brazilian native and Nichols started dating in January 2019 in the midst of her divorce from ex-husband Colt Johnson, who she was married to from June 2018 to April 2019. After Dos Santos Lima and Nichols split for the first time in September 2019, she said Us weekly that she was “done with men and men trying to exploit [her]. “But fans watched the two reunited in Season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever.

As Happy forever was ending, Dos Santos Lima was taken into custody by immigration and customs officials. A representative said TMZ back when lawyers “worked meticulously” on her release and “cleared up this misunderstanding” before she was finally released and returned home to Colorado. However, she would have been< placée en procédure d'éloignement >> in accordance with the law on immigration and nationality, with an audience planned for the future to determine whether she will be deported from the United States.

A few days after the arrest, Dos Santos Lima said she would no longer be part of the TLC series, claiming she was released from her contract through a live broadcast that she broadcast for the CamSoda adult website. She said the decision was made the day before her arrest in September.

“I want to make a statement for you, I’m no longer a member of the show’s cast 90 day fiancéLima wrote in an Instagram statement which has since been deleted. “Due to my show with CamSoda, I was released from my contract with TLC over the phone the day before my arrest by ICE. She pledged to continue producing content on Instagram, OnlyFans, and YouTube. “Thank you for your understanding, love and attention,” she wrote to fans. In the caption, she called it her “final statement”.

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Larissa Lima: Yes, I was fired! But I will never leave! Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:15:29 +0000

Yeah, she’s really out there, guys.

And not of his own volition either.

A day after rumors began to circulate that Larissa Lima had been fired by TLC for her association with CamSoda, the polarizing reality star made the news official.

“Dear friends and subscribers, I want to make a statement for you,” Lima wrote on Saturday, stressing that this would be his “last” word on the subject and adding:

“I am no longer a member of the ’90 Day Fiance series.

Due to my show with CamSoda, I was released from my contract with TLC over the phone the day before I was arrested by ICE. “

Larissa Dos Santos Lima

Lima concluded by showing his gratitude to his supporters and promising to stay in their lives through a number of different online avenues.

“I will continue to produce content for my official channels on Instagram, OnlyFans and Youtube. Thank you for your understanding, love and attention,” she wrote.

Larissa’s boyfriend Eric Nichols shared this same post on his Instagram Stories account, with clapping emojis and Tom Petty singing “I’m free” from his song “Free Fallin ‘”.

TLC, for what it’s worth, has yet to comment on the situation.

Glittery Larissa Lima in Glam

Larissa made her debut on the aforementioned live streaming platform on September 14, filming herself acting sexy and seductive.

During her hour-long performance, Lima wore lingerie and rubbed oil … and she finished by raising more than $ 100,000 for the site, according to TMZ.

How? ‘Or’ What?

Because some fans paid to watch his show and some viewers tipped him for the racy act.

Larissa Lima in September 2020

It’s been a pretty busy month for the news in Lima, which also made headlines for getting around $ 72,000 in cosmetic surgery procedures that included nose work and breast and buttock augmentation.

It was subsequently arrested by the ICE.

Now, just like Farrah Abraham – who was fired by MTV for her role in adult webcam videos – Lima finds herself without pay on the cable network because she undressed on the internet.

Larissa Lima poses after surgeries

The polarizing reality TV star first appeared on the small screen via season 6 of 90 Day Fiance with her then-husband Colt Johnson.

The two were involved in one of the most emotional and volatile relationships on the show, with each side accusing the other of abuse and / or assault before finally breaking up for good.

In fact, Lima was arrested twice in 2018 for the domestic battery.

Charges were dismissed after her initial arrest and she was not charged in the second incident.

However, she was arrested a the third times in January 2019 and charged with a domestic first degree battery following an alleged altercation with Johnson. He filed for divorce the same day.

Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols Get Hot

After her arrest on September 19 – which took place as Larissa and Nichols prepared to leave Las Vegas and move to Colorado Springs – Lima’s legal team said they were “working meticulously” to “clear up this misunderstanding” .

Lima was released a few hours later.

According to the documents relating to the Lima reservation, the D-Lister has been “placed in removal proceedings” in accordance with immigration and nationality law.

She has an upcoming hearing to determine whether she will have to go to ICE to be deported from the United States.

Larissa Lima is FREE

Many fans flooded Larissa’s Comments section over the weekend, expressing outrage that she was fired because of her pushing.

She also received support from a friend and former 90 Day Fiancé star, Anfisa Nava.

“GOOD FOR YOU! [laughing with tears emoji] You will be a millionaire in no time, ”wrote Anfisa.

Fans, meanwhile, can expect to hear more about Larissa in the near future.

Larissa Lima does a

The reality TV star said in an article earlier this week that she will be posting a video on her YouTube channel on Wednesday, September 30.

As part of this sequence, she will discuss “personal and sensitive subjects”, in particular “my children in Brazil, as well as my arrests”.

Larissa’s final appearance in the 90 Day Fiance franchise will come during the three-part narrative that ends this season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After ?.

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Larissa Lima responds to news of Colt’s engagement Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:15:29 +0000

90 day fiancé fans have likely seen the rumor online that former star Colt Johnson is engaged. Spoiler photos appeared to show him making his request to Vanessa Guerra. As fans know, he previously had a relationship with co-stars Larissa Lima, as well as Jess Caroline.

In fact, his relationship with Jess imploded due to his sketchy behavior with Vanessa. He later revealed that he had met Vanessa. Jess Caroline has happily found love with Brian Hanvey. Surprised newlyweds 90 day fiancé fans with a wedding announcement during the Happy forever ? : Tell all.

Meanwhile, Colt has really moved on with Vanessa Guerra.

Larissa Lima responds to rumors her ex is engaged

Colt’s ex Larissa Lima has clearly heard of the engagement rumors. The leaked photos indicate that the proposal was filmed for television, possibly a new season of 90 day fiancé. Larissa has just broken up with Eric Nichols. The couple reconnected after Larissa’s divorce from Colt. Although they moved to Colorado together, they failed to make it work.

While Larissa and Colt’s marriage ended badly, she doesn’t seem to have any ill will. She recently told fans that she doesn’t talk to Colt these days. However, she felt the need to respond to her engagement rumors.

She took advantage of her Instagram stories to offer her congratulations. She shared the photo of the proposal circulating on the Internet. Above the photo, she wrote “Congratulations to my ex” with a prayer emoji.

Credit: Larissa Lima Instagram

Or is it a high-five emoji? The Internet remains divided on this subject.

Another topic that divides fans of the TLC show is Larissa Lima. Some fans adore the Brazilian beauty, but others wish she was gone. And she almost did it over the summer, thanks to ICE.

Difficult year for Larissa Lima

2020 has not been kind for Larissa Lima. After an explicit live broadcast on CamSoda, TLC cut all ties with her. A few days later, she was apprehended by the ICE and arrested. Although she was eventually released, the deportation is still a matter of concern.

Around the same time, she was taking a big step with her then-boyfriend Eric Nichols. The two were leaving sunny and busy Las Vegas for cold and calm Colorado Springs, Colorado. But due to the bad weather and the bad relationship, Larissa quickly returned to Las Vegas. The couple eventually decided to go their separate ways as well.

90 day fiancé Show love for the United States

Despite these many setbacks, Larissa Lima seems happier these days. She continues to post photos of thirst traps on her Instagram feed. She does so in the hopes of getting fans to subscribe to her OnlyFans account. This is his source of money without the TLC show.

Screen cry reports that she actually makes MORE money on social media platforms than she ever did on 90 day fiancé. The point of sale notes that before obtaining her work permit, she was not paid at all by the network.

Thus, losing her job at TLC seems to work in Larissa Lima’s favor.

In a recent Instagram post, she shared her thoughts on her new country. She wrote that she still remains “positive” despite the tough year. Plus, she loves America more than ever.

Credit: Larissa Lima Instagram
Credit: Larissa Lima Instagram

Are you surprised that Larissa responded to the news of Colt’s engagement in a pleasant way? Let us know in the comments.

Do not hesitate to discover the new season of 90 day fiancé December 6 on TLC.

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