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Darren Clarke CBD TEAM UP with Shot Scope and Sports Marketing Surveys

Darren Clarke CBD, the UK’s first CBD oil for golf, has teamed up with golf performance tracker Shot Scope and independent research firm Sports Marketing Surveys to produce a groundbreaking study into the effects of golf. CBD oil for golfers.

The world’s first study, which focuses on the effect of the use of CBD oil on the physical and mental aspects of golf, is designed to provide consumers with credible and independent information on CBD oil and on the way it affects both the mind and the body.

Darren Clarke CBD provided premium quality, third party regulated, 0% THC approved CBD oil to 100 participants in order to respond to the survey with the highest quality product.

Sports marketing surveys complete the qualitative section of the study, and Shot Scope will perform data analysis through its industry-leading golf performance tracking technology.

Initial study results confirm that CBD oil has positive effects on golf performance and recovery, with eight in 10 participants reporting positive effects during the monitoring period.

“It has been incredibly interesting and rewarding to be involved in such a landmark study for the golf and CBD industries,” said Richard Payne, director of Sports Marketing Surveys.

“It can be difficult to cut through the noise surrounding CBD, so being able to provide consumers with credible and accurate information about the product and how it can improve their golf is very gratifying.”

So far, it has been found that 82% of the participants said that the existing injuries they had suffered improved or positively affected during the first half of the survey.

Additionally, 77% of participants said that their quality of sleep, calm during the course, or recovery between laps had improved since they started using CBD oil.

Interestingly, 79% of participants reported a positive impact on at least one element of their on-course performance and off-course recovery.