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DiFebo launches new sports marketing and revenue strategy company

DELAND, Florida., April 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Matt DiFebo today announced his latest venture into the sports and entertainment industry called FanSummit, LLC. The new sports and entertainment marketing company will serve the industry focused on innovation, revenue generation and fan engagement.

DiFebo, a visionary, pioneered and started a national movement in college athletics over a decade ago when he established the DiFebo Company, LLC to help college athletic departments maximize athletic revenue. ticket sales. He went on to found and create the largest and most successful outsourcing ticket sales company in the industry, IMG Learfield Ticket Solutions (now Learfield IMG College Ticket Solutions). The company has partnered with more than forty college athletic departments and generated more than $300 million ticket sales during his five-year tenure.

“We have already revolutionized the industry once and we are poised and ready to transform the industry again. We have an ambitious and bold vision to bring innovation and comprehensive ROI solutions to the industry” , said the founder of FanSummit, Matt DiFebo.

FanSummit was created to help organizations, from the most basic business operations to the most complex issues, keep up with the rapidly changing world, needs and demands of modern sports fans. The new company will provide sports organizations with expertise in ticket sales, multimedia sales and marketing, data technology, innovation, sales management support and highly customized ROI strategies designed to integrate internal functions and cohesion with the goal of creating maximum revenue opportunities and increasing fan engagement.

“Technology is changing so rapidly, compounded in many cases by a lack of financial resources and other inherent challenges, it is difficult, if not impossible, for organizations to keep pace with business. Innovation is the key and the name of the game is revenue generation. If organizations are not innovating, they lose a competitive edge and their fanbase and revenue decline. Our focus on fans, combined with our tailored strategies, drives operational efficiencies, revenue and fan engagement,” says DiFebo. “The challenges are further compounded by the current state of the world and the sudden shutdown of industry events and operations due to the profound impact of the COVID pandemic. -19. There is a new reality and we will be at the forefront to help our friends in the industry.”

FanSummit has established a global network of strategic alliances that give the company even greater reach and expertise with like-minded companies and ambitious leaders. These affiliations and collaborations are essential to our goal of giving our clients a competitive advantage and will help multiply the influence and positive impact for our partners through the implementation of strategies and technologies.

The new company landed early consulting contracts with Towson Athletics and several professional sports franchises in multiple leagues. FanSummit is currently in negotiations with over a dozen college and professional sports teams.

“We will be announcing several new sales management consulting and support offerings over the coming weeks and months. next year. We are on a mission to stay ahead of the growth curve and build something world-class, sophisticated and great that serves our industry and helps incredible, highly talented leaders and their organizations excel” , said DiFebo. “The time has come, organizations cannot remain stagnant, otherwise they will become useless. They need innovation, expertise and support and they need effective and timely solutions. FanSummit offers all of this and more.”

FanSummit will maintain offices in DeLand, Florida and Malibu, California. More offices are planned over the next year.

About the FanSummit: FanSummit provides industry expertise in ticket sales, consulting, sales management support, ticketing operations, marketing, sponsorship and multimedia, fundraising for athletics and universities , business intelligence, pricing and data analytics, current/former athlete and coach branding, and consulting services for brands and organizations in the sports and entertainment industry across the world. Founder of FanSummit, Matt DiFebo, is a highly respected industry leader and visionary who has worked in MLB, NBA, NCAA (college athletics), IMG, Learfield and other industries. He has been a guest speaker at industry events and conferences hosted by Sports Business Journal, Ticketmaster, and Paciolan, as well as a frequent guest speaker at colleges and universities across the country. FanSummit and its network of strategic alliance partners work across all industry sectors to drive measurable and sustainable revenue results, create operational efficiencies and improve fan engagement. FanSummit is proud to be part of the sports and entertainment industry and to serve our customers to help them thrive and achieve their greatest success.


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