Eric Nichols confirms that he and Larissa have separated

90 day fiancé fans have had plenty of clues that Larissa and Eric Nichols have gone their separate ways again. But, the two seem so enigmatic about it that fans suspected they were just acting like a marketing ploy. Regardless, with these two people, TLC fans know that quite often one or the other ends up spilling the beans. Now Eric has confirmed he’s single again.

90 day fiancé– Eric and Larissa split up

We reported in early November, which Larissa shared a post on her Instagram Stories. After apparently living together in Heaven, it all fell apart. They only recently moved to Colorado Springs and have been filming a lot for their OnlyFans accounts. All the joy and happiness evaporated in a hurry, according to Larissa. She shared a “wanted” poster of Eric in a question-and-answer session. At the same time, Eric deleted all of his photos and videos of Larissa.

Cinemblend noted that nothing else emerged from the apparent breakup. But now Eric has confirmed he’s single again. Of course, if they stayed with 90 day fiancé, they could use that scenario in another season. But of course, Larissa ended up being fired after appearing on CamSoda. So if this is another ploy, then it’s unclear why they are laughing at the rumors of a split.

Eric Nichols confirms breakup

On Monday November 16, Eric posted a photo of himself. As usual, he was not wearing a shirt. He hinted at a full reveal with a ‘link in bio’. But that only leads people to her OnlyFans signup page. Its caption read: “Happy Sunday! Join me on my Onlyfans. Only one mix of N red-e 2. ”Some fans who had previously missed the clues seemed shocked that he and Larissa had gone their separate ways.

Those 90 day fiancé fans accustomed to Eric and Larissa’s ways, just think he’s telling lies. One of them commented: “Again, again I think this is another public stunt.” Then another person dismissed the idea: “They still live together. Singles in their separate bedrooms. But will return, They continue to gravitate towards each other. It’s all about love, I think. Different, but love nonetheless.

Some TLC fans are sad about the alleged split

Although Larissa has left TLC, many of her fans remain followers and the same goes for Eric Nichols. So, some of the followers seemed very sad to go their separate ways apparently. Here is what some 90 day fiancé fans said about it:

  • “I miss seeing your messages with Larissa.”
  • “Don’t leave Larrisa, I beg she’s the queen.”
  • “With? I love you and Larissa together… dang it !!! 😢. “
Eric Nichols | Instagram

Not all fans of 90 day fiancé agrees with the separation and Eric’s claim that he is single. Several of them said that in “a few months” or “a few weeks” they would be back together. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below.

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