Everything we know about Larissa Lima’s dismissal from 90 day fiancé

Larissa Lima has been a household name since she first appeared in 90 day fiancé for the first time in 2018. Since the first episode, fans were aware that they had met one of the most controversial and funny people in the history of the series. It’s no surprise that she’s back in the hit spin-off 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? even though she was no longer with her former partner.

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However, it looks like we won’t be seeing the Brazilian star in the coming seasons. Lima took everyone by surprise when she announced that TLC had terminated her contract. But fans shouldn’t be upset, as Larissais doesn’t plan to step away from the spotlight. Here’s everything we know so far.

8 Larissa Santos wrote a statement explaining her side

larissa lima in 90 days fiancé

In September, Larissa Santos took everyone by surprise by saying that she was no longer part of the 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? “Dear friends and followers, I want to make a statement for you, I am no longer a cast member of ’90 Day Fiancé,” she explained. “Due to my show with CamSoda, I was released from my contract with TLC over the phone the day before ICE stopped me“, She wrote on her Instagram account.

The former reality TV star deleted the post days later, causing fans to wonder if her version was real. Until now, TLC has not made a statement explaining the broadcaster’s version.

7 She was arrested after that

90 day fiancé interview with larissa lima

It has not been an easy month for Larissa Lima. Just a day after her dismissal, the Brazilian was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), as she was preparing to move to Colorado to live with her fiance Eric Nichols. Lima was released after a day and said she had been misunderstood, but did not give further details on what had happened.

Eric Nichols posted a video on Instagram saying “Even ICE can’t tame my daughter.” As we know, Lima has had a lot of difficulty with immigration since breaking up with Foal.

6 Will Larissa be kicked out?

larissa lima in 90 days fiancé

Fans quickly began to wonder if Larissa’s dismissal would impact her immigration process. Could she be deported? The reality TV star has had numerous immigration and law enforcement issues since moving to the United States. In the past, she was arrested due to domestic violence while dating and married Colt Johnson. Since then, fans have grown accustomed to seeing the words “Larissa Lima” and “deportation” in the same sentence.

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But the latest arrest may be something definitive for Larissa Lima. According to TMZ, she was “placed in deportation proceedings”. She must now wait for a hearing to find out whether she will stay in the United States or be deported.

5 Money before fame

larissa lima smiling

Larissa Lima doesn’t comment further on her dismissal, but it seems the Brazilian doesn’t regret her decisions. In a recent post, she shared a sexy photo with the caption “money on fame,“and laughing emojis. It seems she’s confident about her goals in life. 90 day fiancé gives the cast a lot of visibility on social networks and opens doors for partnerships, they don’t pay a lot. Some people have revealed that TLC only pays the couple’s US citizen salary, which means Larissa gets nothing.

According to ScreenRant, she put on a successful performance at CamSoda wearing a bikini and rubbing oil on her body. This helped the site earn $ 100,000 in just one hour. There is no information about the quantity Larissa Lima would receive this amount.

4 Fans claim these are two standards

Screenshot of larissa lima's 90 day fiancé

According to Larissa dos Santos, she was fired because of her videos on SodaCam. Fans rushed to support the reality TV star, and pointing TLC has a double standard. According to many followers, the cast of 90 day fiancé Often has an Only Fans account, where they post racy content.

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They mentioned that Stephanie Matto, Evelin Villegas, Corey Rathgeber are a few examples of participants who are popular on OnlyFans. People watching the show began to wonder why only Larissa Lima was banned for posting content over 18 years old. As we mentioned, TLC has yet to make a statement, and it won’t be surprising that there is another twist in this story if they do.

3 But other fans think she deserved it

larisa lima interview in 90 days fiancé

Over the past few years, Larissa Lima has made fans and haters. Not everyone liked her strong personality, and the interview was filmed when Lima announced that she had been fired. While many people defended the Brazilian, others were happy that she left the cast and tweeted about it.

Love or Hate Larissa Lima, she was one of the most important members of 90 day fiancé, and it was impossible to ignore his presence on the show.

2 Larissa Lima prefers CamSoda

Larissa Dos Santos Lima wears a patterned cardigan

When a fan asked Larissa why she was doing CamSoda, since she could do a lot better, she pointed out many advantages. “To be in reality television is to sell yourself in the short term. Think about it: a reality personality follows production orders, to portray the character that the producers want the audience to see and believe,” he said. said Lima.

The Brazilian added that she could now be in charge of the story. When another fan asked her where she made the most money, she had no doubts: “OnlyFans, hands down.”

1 Larissa Lima will also become a YouTuber

Larissa before and after surgery

As she spoke to fans, Larissa Lima also spoke about her plans to launch a YouTube soon. While Lima will be posting “censored and uncensored” material on CamSoda, on YouTube she could say what she thinks. The reality TV star said she could talk about things she didn’t get the chance to do on the show.

“I think people are very curious about my background, how my K-1 visa was, my immigration status and my family in general,” she said. Of course, she should be careful, because there’s a nondisclosure agreement and she can’t tell everything.

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