Sports marketing

From e-commerce to sports marketing Luca Diddi has it all covered thanks to Calciatori Ignoranti

Calciorati Ignoranti is an e-commerce brand known in the top leagues for its sportswear. In addition, it is also about the management of sports talents, mainly footballers. Founded by Luca Diddi, this is a company that has grown into such a diverse options server in just a few years since its inception that it competes with older companies in the market.

Unlike other competitors, Luca Diddi has chosen to have Calciotari Ignoranti take a unique approach to grow his business. Calciatori Ignoranti now has a wide range of sports-related products on its website, including t-shirts, bottles, mugs, face masks, power banks, cell phone cases and more. Taking an innovative approach, this brand aims to launch products at a consistent and carefully planned pace to keep the audience engaged with the website and always have that spark of curiosity to seek more out. The sportswear brand was founded on March 5, 2015. However, the brand was registered in 2020 in Italy by Luca Diddi when he saw the company grow at a steady pace and decided to establish it as as a legally recognized company.

Applying the football experience that founder Luca Diddi had while working as a professional football coach and match analyst, he chose to diversify the business and have it covered other financially promising sectors of the industry. Sport. Today, Calciatori Ignoranti offers a variety of services to its sports clients: media coverage, celebrity and sports management, event planning and online marketing.

With football being one of the most beloved sports in the world, the brand has taken every opportunity to grab the attention of many football fans. In an era of dynamically increasing internet traffic on social media, the company has carved out a place for itself in its strategy for collaborating with content creators. This marketing tactic has helped the sportswear brand connect with a larger audience and now Ignorant Footballers collective services are springing up with their millions of worthy audiences viewing the content.

This brand already manages many athletes and footballers. Thus, the followers of their pages know well that the collaborations between influencers and sportsmen are what defines the edge of Calciatori Ignoranti. Their Instagram audience exceeds 1.3 million, giving the company a huge advantage in sports marketing.

In addition to digital entrepreneurship, Luca Diddi also decided to do kinetic translations of his business, dedicating himself to the organization of football matches. As for the organization of events, many football matches that were scheduled for earlier this year have been postponed due to COVID-19. However, if the situation improves and everything is back to normal, Calciatori Ignoranti could host two football events in September in Rome and Milan.

On the question of the complete management of his business, Luca Diddi said: “Exploring so many sectors within the sports industry has helped me in 2 ways: the outside and the second – made me survive the economic blows the hardest than the

The pandemic has taken over the world and Calciatori Ignoranti is now a weather tested brand. From now on, there is only one step forward. “