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Global sports marketing in 2022: fans are changing the game

The change is certainly not new, but its impact is rarely as large – or accelerated – as what the world has seen in the past two years. For the sports industry, the return of fans to live events in the middle of 2021 was cheered by all, but life has changed too much during the pandemic for the sports industry to simply return to a mirror image of its pre-Covid me.

The tried and true model of fandom has been challenged. As a result, fans have developed digital communities to bond with each other, their favorite athletes, and their favorite teams. Fandom has moved from having a large audience physically together to being more distant but more engaged. As ticket sales plummeted, fans found new ways to build community: chat, share, bet and co-watch.

Nielsen’s 2022 Global Sports Marketing Report examines global consumer changes over the past two years and their impact on sports sponsorship models and content distribution.

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In this report, you will discover:

  • How Non-Traditional Media Channel Profiling Changed the Sports Viewing Landscape Forever

  • Why fans want action — and progress — from brands

  • How cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing the sports industry, both in terms of fan engagement and earning potential

  • Why changes in media consumption are a balance between old and new

  • Key points for brands and sports rights holders to get ahead