How Benji Marshall inspired Karmichael Hunt to return to the rugby league

“If you had asked, ‘Do you think you’d be back in the rugby league or the Broncos? », I would have answered no. It’s kind of a moment of well-being for me.

Hunt is watching the rugby league more now than in his early days of play. When he saw his beloved Broncos cop a 58-0 record at the hands of Parramatta two finals ago, he started to want to go back to the game in which he made a name for himself.

I’m definitely a lot smarter than I was, I won’t run into brick walls like I was when I was 17.

Karmichael Hunt

“It was a lousy day and I was like, ‘Damn I would like to come back and help out there if I could,” ”he said.

“I spent another year there with the Waratahs and this year, as it ended, they didn’t want to spend any money and we didn’t want to go overseas because of COVID, we have packed our bags and headed back to Brissie.


“I said to myself: ‘I still have good years of football in me and I would like to come back to the league and be a coach after I finish playing. But let’s try to play once again and see if an opportunity presents itself. “

There were, in fact, several opportunities to return to the NRL. After impressing for Souths Logan in the Queensland Cup, where he played center left, the Titans and Cowboys expressed interest. However, the chance to return to the Broncos was irresistible.

Hunt started his career as a full-back, but will likely be considered a running back if coach Kevin Walters demands it.

“I’m definitely a lot smarter than I was, I won’t run into brick walls like I was when I was 17,” he said. “There will be no suicide bombers, I leave that to [current custodian] Jamayne [Isaako]. “

Hunt joins the Broncos a very different person because of the work and life experiences that came with fatherhood and stints in the AFL and rugby. Asked how he’s changed from the tyro that burst into the league landscape, the former Waratahs star replied, “He’s still a competitor, he always goes out and gives it his all.

“He’s obviously a lot more mature off the pitch, he doesn’t go out and make silly decisions anymore. He has four children this time, he’s a father more than one of the boys.

“But I care a lot about my art and now I have a greater appreciation for professional sports and want to give back to young children who are arriving.

“The circle is closed for me. It’s really gratifying to have this opportunity to be able to give back and continue to compete at this level.

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