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How do you build a new, functioning stadium? Sports Marketing Director Has Answers | Local news

At the same time as we’re talking about building around a stadium, the Bills are looking to reduce the overall capacity – and aftermath – of a new stadium. They want to cut the number of sequels by almost half.

Cimperman: Which is a trend in all sports. In Cleveland, they took 20 baseball stadium suites and replaced them with party suites and more bars, simply because there isn’t that corporate base.

The SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles can accommodate 70,000 people. Is it unreasonable to expect the same capacity at a new stadium here?

Cimperman: We are Buffalo. SoFi is not working. Building “Jerry World” (the nickname for A&T Stadium in Dallas) doesn’t work. We need to make sure we integrate it with the corporate base in Buffalo and the ticket holders in Buffalo.

What do you think of the Bills’ plans for 60,000 to 62,000 seats, plus 3,000 to 5,000 on a party bridge?

Cimperman: I think it’s smart. I know there have been some negative reactions to the reduction in capacity, but this is a trend that we are seeing in the development of sites – in particular, the reduction in premium seats. What I see in a lot of places are these common spaces, even craft beer decks. People – especially the younger generations – are looking for social interactions and these party decks are especially popular now. People buy experiences. They don’t buy seats.