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Icon Source Democratizing the Sports Marketing Industry with the On-Demand Professional Athlete Market

DENVER – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Icon Source, a digital marketplace that connects aspiring brands and professional athletes, launches its secure on-demand marketplace, giving brands direct access to the world’s most elite athletes and stars emerging. With over 500 athletes on the platform, Icon Source is taking the premium and previously exclusive athletic endorsement market beyond Fortune 1000 by providing businesses with an efficient workflow, clear conversations, and preloaded contracts. simple; saving time and money.

Founded by former professional athlete and award-winning sports marketing veteran Chase Garrett, Icon Source is redefining the relationship between athletes and brands by providing expert strategy and production services as well as its unique on-demand market platform. . With global to hyper-local opportunities, the company enables brands of all sizes to execute short-term and urgent commitments to broaden their impact in key channels.

Leveraging technology to amplify marketing budgets, Icon Source’s mobile app and AI technology connects athletes and brands based on social audience demographics. Companies also have the option of performing organic searches for athletes based on timing, demographics, sports, and personal interests.

“Billions of dollars are spent each year on athlete sponsorship, the vast majority going to the top 100 athletes in the world. The sports marketing industry is heavily geared towards big names and big brands, ”Garrett shares. “As social media and online platforms continue to transform our ability to access and interact with people and the college market begins to embrace compensation, now is the perfect time to create a secure and easy communication channel. to connect directly to athletes and / or their agents for entries.

Icon Source hires a marketing company for its launch

To boost marketing efforts around its launch, Icon Source has partnered with a full-service digital marketing and public relations company, Trevelino / Keller (T / K). The Atlanta-based agency brings to the partnership more than 17 years of experience in brand reputation and media strategy, as well as a sports marketing legacy with the Olympics, World Cup and the Hall of Fame. college football. T / K is responsible for a comprehensive integrated marketing strategy across earned, paid and shared media

“Launching and establishing disruptive brands is in our DNA at T / K,” says Dean Trevelino, principal at Trevelino / Keller. “Icon Source’s approach to the athlete marketing space is refreshing and indispensable in today’s environment. It adds full transparency by allowing brands to define all contract details in advance and facilitate payment directly into the system.

About the icon source

Icon Source is a digital marketplace that brings together agents, athletes and brands. The Denver-based startup is the only platform that provides brands of all sizes with direct agent communication, eliminating unnecessary middle steps to engage with a professional athlete. Its proprietary AI technology matches athletes and brands based on social audience demographics. For more information and to create a free account, visit