Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew being offered deal with adult entertainment company is outrageous

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans | Bob Levey / Getty Images

America has found its new favorite quarterback in Jaguars rookie and assistant Nick Foles Gardner Minshew, as a former Washington State Cougar won over many fans thanks to his Tom Selleck-esque mustache, colorful pre-game clothes and affinity for exercising in the locker room with a jock strap or nothing at all.

Trying to capitalize on the Jacksonville rookie’s 15 minutes, adult camera company CamSoda (DO NOT google if you’re at work) offered Minshew a partnership that would allow him to teach a few training courses per week on the site … for an attractive price.

Why you would want to use this website to practice, we’ll never know.

Minshew is more than just goofball off the field, as evidenced by his exceptional play long after Foles fell with a broken collarbone. He completed 78% of his passes throwing three touchdowns against a single interception. Not too shabby for a sixth round pick in an air raid plan.

I’m guessing when you were almost named Beowulf and ended up being named Gardner Minshew II despite not having Gardner Minshew I, signing up for CamSoda might not be that weird.

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