James Pattinson releases Daniel Hughes video, comments Kerry O’Keeffe

Former test leg spinner Kerry O’Keeffe condemned Victorian race leader James Pattinson’s wayward throw that left NSW’s Daniel Hughes sore, saying it was an example of an “unsavory” aspect of the cricket.

Hughes remained livid after a Pattinson pitch accidentally hit the opening hitter on his foot during the duo’s fiery battle of Sheffield Shield at the MCG.

Pattinson handed over a Yorker that was tricked by Hughes to the bowler. The frustrated Pattinson then returned the ball to the stumps on the forward’s side – despite the Blues batsman still appearing to be in his crease – and accidentally hit Hughes on the foot.

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Pattinson raised his hand in apology as Hughes turned his back on him, removed his helmet and bat and limped away to recover from the bad shot while watching the bowler.

The battle, however, continued, with Pattinson and Hughes engaging in heated lyrics as Victoria and NSW made their way to the lodge for tea break.

Pattinson shoots and drags Hughes away! | 01:46

Speaking on Fox Cricket‘s World Cup Live, O’Keeffe said he was not a fan of Pattinson’s number.

“The two most unpleasant aspects are A) the start when you have someone and, B) the chuck against the stumps by a melon,” O’Keeffe told Fox Cricket.

“Are we the only country to do this? Like, Mitch Starc does it for fun in England and he gets booed. Is this the way we play cricket? You send it back to the pitcher, it picks it up and wants to sting you – I mean, what’s going on there?

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“The ball is dead once it’s in his hands. Come back to the mark and run it again.

Former Australian wicket keeper Brad Haddin said it was a “bad look”, while former all-rounder Brendon Julian added: “He wasn’t even going to run. You can’t do that. You have to. put that away.

Pattinson’s Bushrangers beat NSW by 174 points, leaving the Blues at the bottom of the Sheffield Shield table with a 0-2 record.

Haddin said he was concerned about the plight of his condition.

“That (Hughes’ anger) was NSW’s first reaction in the last two games against the Vics. They were disappointing, the Blues, ”said Hadding World Cup Live.

“They are having a little trouble. I think Covid saved them a bit, New South Wales. They’ve found their test players for the last two (games) and now it’s up to the rest of the squad to aim and start winning a few games.

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