Larissa Lima talks about recovery and exercise in plastic surgery

Under the knife and proud of herself, Larissa Lima talks about her plastic surgery. She has recently started working again to maintain her new body.

TLC Star 90 day fiancé and 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? Larissa Dos Santos Lima is no stranger to plastic surgery. Now she is revealing the details of all of her procedures.

In July 2019, Larissa underwent the “Kimmy K makeover»To improve his booty. In June 2020, she had a non-surgical nose job and took to Instagram to proudly state: “a successful woman is a woman who can build a solid foundation with bricks that others have thrown at her. But she didn’t stop with her buttocks or her nose. Larissa had her lips, cheekbones, chin and breasts done, as well as liposuction, tummy tuck, and fat transfer. Although her breast work was the hardest to get back, she’s the most proud of it. Passed from a 34A to a 34DDD, it is “Very happy with the results. Larissa completed all of her procedures within a tight deadline, saying it was necessary to do everything as quickly as possible so as not to have to spend too much time away from social media while recovering. Social media are Larissa’s job and lifeline. Her status as an influencer is also the reason she underwent this radical transformation in the first place. Larissa has two children, a daughter and a son, in Brazil, whom she supports with the money she earns on social media. She also wanted to follow the procedures to improve her self-esteem.

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While there is certainly a lot of love for the reality TV star, there is also a lot of hate. Haters aside, there’s a practical reason behind some work of Larissa. After the birth of her two children, Larissa’s abs separated and never quite recovered. For this reason, she used “filters and Photoshop … to do [her] plus size skinny. Tired of constantly retouching photos, Larissa opted for a tummy tuck, noting: “this surgery brings me freedom. Larissa also talks about her recovery process on Instagram. Recently, she was criticized for going to the gym and training so soon after such medical procedures. Larissa explained that she doesn’t do a full body workout, but rather a light cardio to keep herself going. According to Ace TV Shows, she explained, “PPeople mistakenly believe that plastic surgery will fix any areas that have permanently disturbed them. The truth is, you need to train regularly to maintain the results of any body work.. “

Larissa Lima TLC: 90 Day Fiancé

All this work brought him freedom – at least financial freedom. But her current boyfriend, Eric Nichols, originally loaned Larissa the money she needed to pay for her procedures, it has since been reimbursed in full. Once she was legally allowed to work in the United States, Larissa began to earn money on Cameo, CamSoda and OnlyFans. She was saving a lot of time, making $ 100,000 for a little lingerie show on CamSoda (via TMZ). This is great news for her because after that sixty minute lingerie show TLC called her and canceled. 90 day fiancé Contract.

While fans of the 90 days daughter will be missed franchise on TLC, they should be assured that she will be fine. Plus, they are sure to receive plenty of updates from him via social media. Larissa is a woman on a mission to love and provide for the needs of his children. You certainly haven’t heard the last one from him.

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Sources: Ace TV Shows, TMZ

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