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Let’s celebrate excellence in sports marketing! – PBS from mountain lake

Since its creation in 2016, local advertising agency MVP Group managed to establish himself as the number one sports marketing agency In Quebec.

Inspired by an optimistic vision of the future, President and Founder Simon arsenault launched the MVP group for promote sport and its positive values to inspire businesses and motivate communities.

With his team, over the past five years, Arsenault has successfully launched the media careers of more than 60 local sports celebrities as well as professional Olympic athletes including Quebec hockey icons Guy Lafleur, Patrick Roy and MMA Georges st-pierre, finding innovative ways to connect with local brands and businesses.

Recently launched last week, Simon Arsenault is happy to have made the hockey legend possible that of Guy Lafleur to participate in Merck Canada’s Lung Cancer Awareness Campaign, “Be the star player.”

In the face of lung cancer, early detection is essential. That’s why Merck Canada and former hockey player Guy Lafleur are teaming up to launch Be the MVP, a new public awareness campaign marking Lung Cancer Awareness Month in November, with the support of a network of Canadian lung health organizations, including: Lung Cancer Canada, The Health Foundation pulmonaire, The Quebec Lung Association, the Coalition Priorité Cancer au Quebec and the Canadian Lung Association.

Among other highlights of the last five years, the MVP Group is proud to be at the base of the reconciliation between Patrick roy and Mario tremblay for Uber Eats and Georges st-pierre with Vincent from America: (Video below)

Since the creation of the MVP Group, I have been behind Simon because I admire his
the audacity to have left a management position at Evenko to launch a new
business. His perseverance and professionalism are paying off today.
His agency has become a major player in the sports marketing market and I have always liked to encourage local talent,
“says MMA Georges st-pierre, one of the greatest fighters of all time.

Following 23 november, on the occasion of Groupe MVP’s 5th anniversary, Arsenault will celebrate its vision, career and achievements at an invitation-only party at Montreal Golf Executive.

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