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Liberty North Sports Marketing Course Determined To Succeed | High school sports

Editor’s Note: As part of the Courier-Tribune’s coverage of the year for 2021, we asked the high school track programs in Kearney, Liberty, Liberty North and Smithville to tell us who their “heroes are.” unrecognized ”, those who deserve to be recognized but whose efforts are often behind the scenes. This is the story of Liberty North.

In high school, some students are just trying to graduate and don’t care about the future. But the students of Liberty North’s Sports Marketing course are motivated and want more.

Senior Ashi Jose is a prime example of someone who took the class to heart. She wishes to work in the field of creative media for professional sport. Jose saw this time at school as a great experience before heading to college.

“There are things in this program that you can’t find in any other class,” said Jose. “There is always something new to do, it is never boring.”

The class meets each day for lunch while the group decides on their work for the week. Students use a video camera, take photos for social media, create graphics and / or operate a control booth.

Everything that is seen at an Eagles sporting event is touched by this course taught by Hannah Ryan.

“The kids are very competitive on their own,” Ryan said. “They want to add it to their resumes now because when they go to college they want to be that one step ahead of everyone else.”

One aspect that really gives these students a leg up on their competition is their familiarity with referrals. They are given a company or organization with which to correspond and be in charge of their contract with the Liberty North Athletic Department.

When a sponsorship is read during an Eagles game, there’s a good chance a student in the sports marketing department has been successful.

Junior Cale Erickson explained that professionalism is necessary when working with companies.

“We send them an email and ask them if they have anything new to plan in their contract. You look in their contract to see if they get everything they pay for, ”Erickson said. “We learn to be professionals with other companies.

For senior Jake Anderson-Jones, he’s always loved the sport, but it’s a chance for him to learn more about the work behind the scenes while still being able to attend events. Jones doesn’t see himself as the most outgoing person, so being a part of sports marketing is one way for him to make an impact.

“I’m not the type to jump all over the student section,” Jones said with a laugh. “I’ve always wanted to attend events, so it was a way for me to go and watch without being in the student section. You are on the pitch and next to the players. You are in the action without being on the sidelines.

Liberty North’s sports marketing shines in the graphics used, its Twitter account and its programs which showcase the talents and passion of Liberty North students for athletics.

“One student does it all,” said Jose. “It doesn’t look like an actual classroom, it’s like a job. I really like it, it allowed me to grow in what I want to do.