Monadnock Ledger-Transcript – Girls’ tennis: Trinity ousts WLC, Pioneers welcome Conant on Monday

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript

Published: 05/29/2021 11:54:22 AM

The Wilton-Lyndeborough girls’ tennis team had a chance on a Cinderella story on Friday afternoon, but Trinity’s visit shattered those dreams and danced into victory.

The opening of the Division III tournament on Friday began early to allow members of Trinity’s upper class to attend that evening’s prom; Ultimately, the Pioneers left their elders at home to prepare for the dance and brought a shrunken team to Wilton to face off against the Warriors’ four-girl team. As always, WLC fell short of No.5 and No.6 in singles and No.3 in doubles, starting the playoff game with a 3-0 deficit. Nonetheless, the Warriors made it a game, showing the improvements they made over the short season.

Head coach Fran Bujak said his team have made great strides this spring, which was proven on the pitch on Friday.

“Several volleys back and forth over the net, to reach the ball – a huge improvement in reaching the ball,” said Bujak. “And even in a lot of swings, keeping the ball in play instead of the ball, better timing and better positioning, better moving the feet to better get into position, and making good contact rather than so many balls coming out of the field. , as we have had in the past.

Trinity’s Harley Plasz quickly worked on Madeleine Straw at No.3 in singles, 8-0, but the Warriors threatened in every other game. At No.1, stable warrior Elisabeth Jacob put pioneer Devan Booth to work for her 8-3 victory.

“[Booth] is a very good player, ”said Bujak. “However, they were tied. It was a much closer game than the 8-3 final.

WLC No.2 Erin MacDonald took Trinity’s Clare Tran to the tiebreaker before ultimately losing 9-7, and early trailing Senja Sours won 8-4 over Molly Bacon to give the Warriors a victory.

“She completely turned the situation around and came back,” Bujak said.

The Warriors were also right in the doubles matches. Both teams – Jacob / MacDonald and Straw / Sours – lost 8-6, taking the Pioneers to the end of the line and ending the game just as the first raindrops began to hit the court. In the end, it was an 8-1 Trinity win, but for the young Warriors, it was an invaluable playoff experience that should fuel their competitive spirit next spring, when all four Warriors are expected to return and, ideally add to their ranks.

“At least everyone was in a competitive match in a tournament,” said Bujak. “I don’t think a coach can ask for anything more.”

Trinity now has a date with Conant, as the Orioles picked up a rain-cut win at Pelham in their playoff opener on Friday. Conant won the top four places in singles and was well ahead in the first two doubles, coach Gloria Morison said, before the skies opened up and Pelham agreed to call it an Oriole victory, instead. than to resume at a later date.

Margaret Winiecki (8-0), Sarah Smith (8-3), Abby Wheeler (8-2) and Emily Muilenberg (8-1) all won their singles matches. Erin Weidner was in a heated 3-3 game when the game was called, and Bella Hart was leading 4-2.

Trinity hosts Conant in the DIII quarterfinals at 4 p.m. Monday, weather permitting.

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