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New on the market! What is a loan chat and how does it work?

A quick loan over the internet via chat is a completely new quality in the non-bank financial companies industry. Modern loan chat from Good Credit Easy is a pioneering service on the Polish scale, thanks to which the loan application takes the form of a conversation between the person applying for a loan and a company employee.

Thanks to the instant, direct communication, the loan granting procedure takes only a few minutes. How is a quick chat loan granted online?

What are the characteristics of instant loans online using chat?

What are the characteristics of instant loan online using chat?

The conditions under which you can pay fast loans via the Internet do not differ from your “traditional” counterpart. As in the case of other entities dealing in granting long-term loans, Good Credit Easy allows you to apply for an amount significantly exceeding all payday loans available on the market, amounting to as much as 25,000. dollars.

Another advantage of installment loans is the extension of the repayment period, which can reach up to 36 months. This solution means that a quick loan over the Internet is associated with a much lower burden on the household budget.

A quick loan over the Internet using chat is characterized by simplicity and minimum formalities. To be able to apply for a loan, all you need is a valid ID. Like other loan companies, Good Credit Easy requires applicants to have a clean account in three information databases.

Another formal requirement is to have a steady, documented source of income. This condition cannot be met by most people the minimum ceiling of required income is only USD 500 per month.

Fast Internet Loans – Chat Activity Diagram

Fast Internet Loans - Chat Activity Diagram

The quick loan granted via the chat with the consultant is divided into two main segments: independent definition of some loan parameters and a direct conversation with the consultant. The first stage begins when the chat window opens, in which the entire loan application process will take place. The customer independently determines the amount of interest and the number of installments.

It does this with the help of interconnected sliders. Confirmation of the selected loan option will generate a range of information regarding the cost of the loan (interest, commission, payment fee).

If all the completed information is correct, the client is connected directly to the consultant. In order for a quick online loan based on chat to have the required security, the consultant’s task is to verify the identity of the client and the information he provides (personal, address details about income).

One of the key elements of data confirmation


Is the approval of data from the ceiling of your own bank account, for which the Kontomatik system is used. After confirming the information contained in the application, it remains only to wait for the loan decision and accept the terms of the contract.

A quick online loan over the internet with the help of chat is a new quality in the non-banking sector.

The loan procedure is much faster and the loan specialist is at the client’s full disposal. Familiarize yourself with the Good Credit Easy offer today and see that fast online loans can be even simpler than before.