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Outdoor Event Signage and Sports Marketing Company, Expands Brand, Expands Eco-Friendly Product Line, and Strengthens U.S. Office

ALPHARETTA, Georgia., August 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Expand a Brand, a Manufacturer of Unique Outdoor Event Signs and Sports Marketing Signs, Consolidated its Presence in the U.S. Market by Creating Environmentally-Friendly Pieces for Event Planners , with advertisers and local communities navigating their post-pandemic rebound.

Known for its unique event tents, outdoor signage, recycled materials, and contributions to unforgettable sports marketing campaign experiences, the company has expanded its corporate offering to include everything from face masks and classy screens to bags. recycled tote bags and maternity equipment to better serve their active community.

Present in more than 20 offices around the world, this award-winning corporate signage and consumer products company over the past 6 months has:

  • Launched new patented outdoor event marketing pieces that are currently in use by Fortune 100 brands around the world.
  • Development of a distinct B2B and B2C product line that helps schools, businesses and individuals meet COVID-19 protection needs in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Established new partnerships with sports marketing and advertising agencies implementing environmentally conscious branding as part of their outreach and event planning.
  • Achieved triple-digit year-over-year growth, reflecting the strength of the pandemic rebound in the US market.

“The environmental lessons of COVID-19 have created an extraordinary demand for environmentally friendly outdoor promotional items and sustainable products that have an impact” noted Adrien queenan, CEO of Expand a Brand. “Expand a Brand has been manufacturing and supplying eco-friendly parts for years and responding to these new market demands as the world recovers from the pandemic was a natural development” he added.

Expand a Brand, a subsidiary of Expand a Sign International, based in Durban, South Africa, established its US headquarters in Atlanta due to the high concentration of sports marketing and experiential marketing agencies in the city as well as the favorable environment for business and logistics in the state. Known for its innovations in sports marketing campaigns, quality fabrics and use of environmentally friendly materials, this network of companies around the world is considered one of the best employers in the communities they serve and respected as an industry leader in outdoor event marketing and signage. .

To learn more about Expand a Brand and its partnerships with sports marketing agencies, outdoor event organizers, experiential marketing companies, local communities, sports organizations and corporate responsibility teams, please visit their website at or call 678.608.3954. To schedule an interview, please call Joanne sanders at 404.644.2779.


Expand a Brand, known for its outdoor event signage and green approach to product development, is an award-winning organization that works closely with sports marketing, experiential marketing, active and sustainability-conscious consumers and businesses. environmentally friendly committed to corporate responsibility. Expand a Brand, which serves the US market, is a subsidiary of Expand a Sign International, based in Durban, South Africa, and is one of the 20 outdoor event reporting bureaus in the world. To learn more about Expand a Brand, please visit their website at or call 678.608.3954.

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