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Reputable Woman-Owned Sports Marketing Agency Becomes ‘Unmatched’

“Unrivaled Group is about developing marketing strategies that put fans and athletes in their place, at the center of that strategy,” Tyson said. “We measure all points of engagement and build a brand ecosystem around them that drives business performance.”

The agency also announced that its service offering has expanded to include sponsorship identification, partner activation, foundation development and NIL for varsity athletes. The company’s full range of services already included strategy, brand development, media placement, content and influencer marketing, social media management, communications, ticketing and marketing strategy. income, data analysis and athlete marketing.

“On the team, league and corporate ownership side, Unrivaled Group believes that by harnessing the power and understanding of the fan experience, we can truly connect with fans where they are. are the most engaged, ”Tyson said. “We look at data from all fan engagement touchpoints inside and outside the arena or stadium and wherever fans are investing their time. We use this data to continuously develop and optimize effective marketing strategies with highly measured, predictable and engaged audiences. As a result of this process, brands or sponsors benefit exponentially from more meaningful relationships with fans, resulting in increased revenue and brand value by judiciously allocating dollars to the best performing channels that match. to their goals. “

Unrivaled Group believes in the power of athletes and builds its game-changing brands for today and for the future.

“We are positioning ourselves as CMOs of athlete brands to help them leverage their current equity to support and grow their platforms outside of sport, whether through personal social platforms, commercial collaborations, content or their foundations, ”Tyson said. “Unrivaled Group helps athletes throughout their career lifecycle – at the start, at the top or during the transition out of sport, building their brand for what comes next.”

An agency run by a group of former team and league leaders, Unrivaled Group understands the demands of team real estate income generation.

“We know what it’s like to sweat ticket sales and sponsorships, and dig deep for new strategies and tactics,” Tyson said. “We know who your fans are and where to find them. We also understand the current landscape of winning the hearts and minds of fans in new ways, helping properties and brands work together to create authentic engagement. We have a shortcut with customers, which allows us to quickly connect with their teams and have an immediate impact on business performance, helping them to become, well, unmatched. ”

Valerie Tyson, Founder and CEO of Unrivaled Group, is a long-time leader in the sports industry, particularly in the areas of sports and athlete strategy, branding, marketing and communications. In addition to working in some of the best sports agencies in the world, including WME / IMG and BRANDTHINK, Tyson has held executive positions with the NBA Charlotte Hornets Sports & Entertainment, the Arena Football League and the Los Angeles Avengers, owned by Wasserman. as positions at Tocquigny, CBS and as an independent sports consultant to teams, athletes and brands.

Situated at Austin, Texas, Strategic Playground is now an unrivaled group. Unrivaled Group, a full-service sports strategy and marketing company, founded by a woman, works with teams, athletes, leagues, properties and the brands that sponsor them. Unrivaled Group is dedicated to helping the sports and entertainment industries improve their business performance through data-driven marketing strategy and execution. Unrivaled Group puts fans and athletes at the center of the sports marketing ecosystem, creating unparalleled business performance for athletes, sports, entertainment properties and the brands that sponsor them. For more information, please visit and connect to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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