Schenectady Softball Cricket Association fields plan to upgrade and maintain Grout Park

SCHENECTADY – The Schenectady Softball Cricket Association is proposing to maintain and modernize Grout Park, but city officials say they want to hear from the other two cricket organizations that use the pitch to play in the championship.

Councilor Marion Porterfield presented the proposal at the city council’s health and recreation committee meeting on Monday evening.

After the meeting, Porterfield said she hoped the association’s plan would begin the process of cracking down on long-term fighting between cricket leagues that use the park.

Onkar Singh, president of the association, made the proposal but appears to be struggling to join the online board meeting on Monday evening.

A separate hardball cricket league uses the park on Saturdays and a softball cricket league uses it on Sundays, Council Chairman John Mootooveren said.

At the suggestion of Mayor Gary McCarthy, the committee will explore seeking formal requests for proposals for the maintenance of the park.

Singh’s written plan called for a long-term lease for the association, “the oldest cricket league in upstate New York,” to maintain and transform Grout Park into a state-of-the-art multi-sport facility accessible to all. residents of Schenectady. , with summer camps.

The land is in poor condition, he said.

A building in Grout Park has been locked and banned from all use during the association’s 16 years of existence. It would be renovated and used for meetings, according to the plan.

After the meeting, Porterfield explained that the town has a “very long history with the use of the park and the game of cricket at Schenectady”.

She said conflicts existed between the three leagues for the entire nine years she served on the board.

“There has been a smoothing out at some levels, but still things to work out,” Porterfield said, adding that the city had made improvements to parks elsewhere and granted leases to organizations to maintain the space throughout. by agreeing to share it with other organizations.

Councilor Carmel Patrick has asked Porterfield to invite the other two cricket leagues to provide their comments to the council.

The mayor asked for details on what the association meant by requesting a long-term lease. McCarthy suggested that a long lease could prompt an organization to make significant capital improvements or spend larger sums.

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