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Sleepme® Announces Partnership with Sports Marketing Agency Clear 28; Donated $50,000 in sleep products to the Independence Fund

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sleepme Inc., the parent company of sleep technology brand ChiliSleep, launched a partnership on Tuesday, May 31 with Mooresville-based sports marketing and management agency Clear 28. The agency is working with two of NASCAR’s brightest young stars in drivers Cole Custer and Noah Gragson as well as some of motorsport’s biggest brands.

“This partnership helps provide NASCAR drivers and team members with the best sleep to improve their overall performance on and off the track,” said Tara Youngblood, CEO and Co-Founder of Sleepme Inc. “We believe it is essential for athletes to invest in their rest and get a good night’s sleep, and we are proud to partner with Clear 28.”

Clear 28 offers its athletes fully integrated career management services and its corporate partners complete, strategic and turnkey sports marketing solutions.

Clear 28’s efforts to improve Cole’s overall health and performance began in early 2022. Cole began using ChiliSleep’s Dock Pro sleep system in February, and a few weeks later won the Xfinity Race NASCAR Series at the Auto Club and Pole Cup Series at Bristol. Motor Speedway.

Using Clear 28’s sports marketing platform as the starting point for many of these conversations with key sports decision makers, Clear 28 and Sleepme seek to focus on business-to-business (B2B).

Corey Bass, director of operations and sales at Clear 28, said B2B strategies will include working with sports teams, corporate sponsors, industry contacts, and more.

“(We) will provide marketing support and B2B introductions for Sleepme throughout the motorsport community,” says Brandon McReynolds, Clear 28’s Managing Sales Partner. “This partnership will leverage the strengths of both companies to provide athletes, industry-leading sleep and marketing solutions to employers and businesses of all types.”

Sleepme and Clear 28 will collaborate to move forward with a variety of projects, including video/photo production, sports marketing strategies, and a variety of employee wellness programs in the region.

While the sleep technology leader’s partnership with Clear 28 focuses on sports marketing and motorsports, Sleepme has also partnered with a non-profit organization, The Independence Fund, which serves veterans and their families.

Sleepme recently donated 100 sleep systems, worth $50,000, to The Independence Fund. The Charlotte-based organization works with veterans who have physical disabilities, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and PTSD suffered in the line of duty.

ChiliSleep and The Independence Fund are proud to partner, leading up to the month of June, which is designated as PTSD Awareness Month. June 27 is officially PTSD Awareness Day.

“As we approach June PTSD Awareness Month, we know that so many veterans are silently suffering the impact of their service. Science has also proven how beneficial sleep is for their mental, physical and emotional healing. We are proud to partner with ChiliSleep to provide mattress toppers that will provide veterans with true rest as they progress to mental wholeness,” said The Independence Fund CEO Sarah Verardo. “The Independence Fund is committed to ending veteran suicide and helping veterans overcome physical, mental and emotional injuries sustained in the line of duty. We express our immense gratitude to ChiliSleep for helping us do this in a unique way and more.

Sleepme recognizes that the increase in PTSD and TBI within the veteran community can directly inhibit the ability to get deep, quality sleep. Sleepme understands that the key to helping veterans get a good night’s sleep is controlling body temperature. Deep sleep occurs during the first half of the night but is brought on by a decrease in body temperature. Ultimately, the drop in temperature overrides the conscious part of the brain and helps trigger deep sleep.

By using a Sleepme Sleep System cooling mattress topper, veterans have the potential to soothe issues they are having with regards to PTSD and sleep issues.

“We are committed to impacting the lives of the men and women who give back to our country,” said Tara Youngblood. “We are thrilled that these partnerships are helping those who risk their lives get the quality sleep they deserve.”

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