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Sport Maska Inc. acquires Tournament Sports Marketing Inc. and its portfolio of figure and roller skates

Based at Cambridge, Ontario, Tournament Sports Marketing is a global leader in figure skating shoes, blades and complete skates through its Jackson Ultima brand. Tournament Sports Marketing is also a world leader in roller and inline skates through its Atom Skates brand. Tournament Sports Marketing’s passion for sport is embodied in its commitment to technology and innovation and aligns with the vision and strategy that Sport Maska conveys through the CCM Hockey brand.

“This is a strategic acquisition that allows us to expand our portfolio to include anyone interested in skating, and we look forward to bonding with anyone who wants to skate. Kim bauer and his team for this opportunity, and we look forward to continuing to innovate in hockey and figure skating with this new portfolio of premium and recreational skating products. »Marrouane Nabih, CEO of Sport Maska.

As a result of this acquisition, Sport Maska’s product offering will now meet the needs of all skaters, on and off the ice. Sport Maska sincerely believes that skating is a sport that everyone should be able to enjoy and hopes that this acquisition will help grow the game and make the sport more accessible to all.

“I am happy to announce the sale of Tournament Sports Marketing. It was a difficult decision after more than 35 years of building the company into a global leadership position. However, in CCM, I got a company that shares my passion and vision for the Jackson and Atom Brands. I am confident that CCM has the resources and leadership to take tournament sports marketing and its brands to the next level. ” Kim bauer, president of tournament sports marketing.

About Sport Maska Inc.
Sport Maska Inc. is the holding company for several sports-related brands, including, among others, CCM Hockey and Step Steel. With its head office located at Montreal, the company operates in Canada, United States, Europe and Asia.

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