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Sports Marketing Entrepreneur Dr. Marc Williams Joins Pacific University College of Business

Marc Williams, sports marketing pioneer and former senior executive of three of the world’s biggest sports brands – Champs Sports, Reebok and Footaction – has joined Pacific University’s College of Business as director of the new Center for Entrepreneurship, Sports and Entertainment . .

Williams was recently named one of the 100 Most Influential Black People in the World Today by CORE Magazine, and is considered one of America’s top sports marketing, innovation and program educators. In this new role, Williams is responsible for the center’s vision, educational offerings, major events and preparing Pacific’s College of Business undergraduates for careers in the sports, video games, film industries. , music and entertainment.

The establishment of the Center for Entrepreneurship, Sports and Entertainment represents Pacific’s recognition that the intersection of sports, esports and entertainment is a growing business industry. This convergence of disciplines includes the gamification of music and movement and the commerce of esports and in-person. Pacific’s diverse business and liberal arts classes provide a strong foundation for this new center.

Williams will build alliances between programs at the university and in the community to support the new programming. Williams commented on the enthusiasm and heartfelt welcome he received from the heads of Pacific’s music department, Scott Tuomi and Michael Burch-Pesses, Brant Minor in Admissions, athletic director Keith Buckley, men’s basketball coach Justin Lunt, football coach Ian Falconer and baseball coach Brian Billings while visiting the Pacific in the spring. “I look forward to future partnerships with these talented leaders and their students,” he said.

Williams and his wife and baby daughter moved to Oregon from East Texas, where he was assistant vice president for innovation and technology and associate athletic director at Jarvis Christian College, a historically black college in Hawkins , in Texas.

He said he was drawn to the potential he sees in the greater Portland area. He cited the unique conglomerate of Nike, Intel Corp., major sports teams such as the Portland Trail Blazers and Timbers, and the affluent film and arts scenes as industries that attract many students. But he said there was room for much more.

“There is a wonderful opportunity for collaboration,” he said. Considering that 90% of students entering college see themselves as gamers and gamers, not just as a hobby, but really as a “lifestyle”, gaming offers a potential career path for students. The global gaming industry is expected to exceed $300 billion by 2025 and e-sports will become a $2 billion brand by the end of this year.

“I was extremely impressed with the students at Pacific when I visited in April, they were smart, savvy and eager to learn. We will prepare students to launch careers in the sports and entertainment industries by offering research , innovative courses and programs focused on the future of business in these areas,” said Williams. The center will provide unparalleled access to business leaders who are driving innovation across many brands in sports, video games , entertainment and music programs in the world.”

Business College Dean Jennifer Yruegas welcomed Williams’ arrival.

“His addition illustrates the value of interdisciplinary education,” she said. “The College of Business’s strong courses in accounting, marketing, finance, operations, law, and administration provide an extremely marketable major. However, thanks to the new Center for Entrepreneurship, Sports and Entertainment, our business courses will reach a wider audience and launch a new curriculum that supports interdisciplinary education.

Williams’ courses will be open to undergraduate students in any program at the university and will be offered as part of a business major and sports marketing concentration.

Williams is the perfect person to lead the new center. Not only is he a sought-after speaker on sports, esports, entertainment and leadership, but he is also a media and brand innovator, accomplished networker and leading social media influencer. His LinkedIn profile has over 61,000 followers and his LinkedIn and Twitter posts attract over 8 million views each month. He is the host of his own podcast, “Dr. Marc’s Masterclass Podcast” on MAP Esports Podcast Network, the world’s largest esports podcast network. In addition to esports, Williams has extensive entertainment and video games and experience with Warner Brothers, Riot Games and Atlantic Records.During his career he has worked with various sports and entertainment stars, Michael Jordan, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Aaliyah, Venus Williams, 50 Cent, Allen Iverson, Maroon 5, and Will Farrell.He is also the co-founder of HBCU’s premier esports league, the HBCU Esports Alliance, which is made up of 40 HBCU schools and prepares students for careers in the gaming and gaming industries. electronic sports.

“Dr. Williams is an innovative academic and industry pioneer who bridges sport, entertainment and education with unparalleled passion and purpose,” said Joshua Gordon, Senior Sports Business Instructor at Lundquist College of Business. from the University of Oregon. “Pacific University is incredibly fortunate to have a leader in place who will quickly become a catalyst for producing students who can disrupt what needs fresh eyes and new ways of doing things.”

Williams earned her bachelor’s degree from William Paterson University, her master’s degree in sports management from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and her doctorate in education/curriculum instruction from West Virginia University.

He said he was first drawn to the Pacific when College of Business Dean Yruegas invited him and Matthew Knowles, Beyoncé’s father, to the Forest Grove campus in April. He was impressed with how she and her business school colleagues created a 70% growth in College Business MBA program enrollment in 2021. And he said faculty and staff at multiple colleges and athletics were very welcoming. Outgoing President Lesley Hallick and Vice President Ann Barr-Gillespie “took time out of their busy schedules to meet with me to leave an impression.”

“New President Jenny Coyle was the last reason my family chose Pacific,” Williams said. “She is one of the most dynamic, empathetic and brilliant university presidents I have ever met. We are thrilled that she is leading Pacific and believe that she and Jennifer Yruegas could be great role models for my wife and daughter.

“It’s already like a home to me,” he said. He said other schools had recruited him, but Pacific “was the first to do it right, it’s a special place and the perfect fit for my family.”

William’s wife, Pei-Ru Lin, is a Fulbright scholar from Taiwan, who taught Mandarin at Jarvis Christian College and will begin an MBA in the fall with Pacific’s College of Business. Together they have a five-week-old daughter, Maru-Sattva Lin Williams.