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Sports marketing news: KNLTB and EY want to make the exchange more visible to a wide audience

KNLTB wants to make Padel more visible to a wide audience with new major sponsor EY

Accountants and consultancy organization EY will be the main sponsor of KNLTB Padel for the next three years. Through joint investments and activities with EY and its founding partners, the Tennis Association aims to further professionalize the sport and make the dynamic and surprising nature of the sport visible to a wide audience.

Jeroen Davidson, President of EY Netherlands: “EY is proud to be the main sponsor in the Netherlands of this growing sport in the years to come. Padel has a very positive and contagious aura. Moreover, it is a dynamic team sport for women and men, young and old. This corresponds to who we are and what we want to promote as a brand and organization.

Albert Jan Smed, commercial director of KNLTB: “We are proud that EY wants to engage in padel and that we embrace this new sport together. Padel is still in its growth phase, so now is the right time to intervene. It takes vision, confidence and courage to invest. With EY, we can Introduce more people to Padel and make the sport more professional. The activation options are excellent, for example at events, clinics, corporate competitions and students. »

Padel quickly gained popularity with the latter. Currently in the Netherlands there are more than 75,000 substitute players (including 25,000 in association). The number of active players is expected to reach 140,000 by 2024. The number of padel courts will increase from over 850 currently to 1,200 jobs in 2024.