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Tom Brady’s other athletic career that wasn’t

Tom Brady could be on his way to an eighth Super Bowl, but what if he sticks to the baseball field.

Brady, who added a seventh Super Bowl to his resume last year against the Kanas City Chiefs, was a baseball catcher extraordinaire in 1995.

His former high school baseball coach ‘thought baseball was his best sport’ ABC Action News reporting.

Pete Jensen, former Serra High School baseball coach, said: “Tommy hit a home run, he actually hit two that day, but one of them hit the roof of the bus and woke up the driver, which kind of surprised him.”

Montreal Expos scout John Hughes, who considered Brady a solid prospect, said, “First of all, he had a good size, 6-4.

“He had a body that we called throwable where he had room to get stronger, add weight. He was a left-handed hitter who went well with the catch position.

“He had tools. He could really throw and he had power. For a receiver, he had those things and stood out.

As Brady chose football, he hilariously posted Photoshopped images of himself about the Expos in a scenario of what could have been.

Tom Brady
Montreal Expos
Another Tom Brady Baseball Card
Another Tom Brady Baseball Card
Montreal Expos

Brady also recently opened up about his baseball experience, telling Dax Shepard “Podcast “The armchair expert”: “Baseball was kind of what I did.”

Brady was picked by the Montreal Expos at age 17 in the 18th round of the MLB draft, according to SB Nation Pats Chair.

“He appeared in 61 college baseball games and posted a strong stat line, hitting .331 with 8 home runs, 11 doubles and 44 runs,” says Pats Pulpit.

Tom Brady with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Tom Brady with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
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“He was also named an all-league wide receiver as a high schooler.”

It wasn’t until after Brady finished his college football career at the University of Michigan that the New England Patriots selected him in the 2000 NFL Draft.