Warriors Athlete of Week: Tandem Warrior Tears Up Tennis Courts

Warriors head coach Lisa Salo had no trouble predicting her two-time No.1 team of senior Brynne Folden and sophomore Lila Collins would be competitive.

“Brynne is aggressive,” said Salo. “She refuses to lose and she is learning to read the court and be very intelligent in her decision making as to which shot she is going to hit and where she is going to place it. But it is above all his aggressiveness. She loves to take care of everything on the net.

Salo said one of Collins’ biggest attributes is his speed.

“She’s a very fast athlete,” said Salo. “You never know where she will be on the pitch. That and his tenacity not to give up. She will continue to exhaust her opponents. His whole game has improved. She earned her chance to compete for a number 1 position in doubles.

When asked how each completes the other’s game, they both answered the same thing.

“She’s very good at the baseline and very consistent,” Folden said. “She sets me up for a lot of overheads and volleys that I can take at the net.”

Collins said: “Brynne is really good at net and I’m really good at setting her up for the shots up there.”

The duo started their week with a 6-0, 6-1 victory over the Sauk Rapids side on Tuesday, September 7th.

Girls Tennis: Warriors score Storm sweep

Their second game of the week was a bit tougher as the pair scored a 7-5, 6-1 win over Fergus Falls on Thursday, September 9.

Girls’ tennis: warriors crush otters

This prepared the two for the Moose Tournament on Saturday September 11, hosted by Roseau, but played at Brainerd High School.

Folden-Collins won the No.1 division in doubles, helping Brainerd to finish second in the team.

The doubles team posted a 4-0 record that day to improve their overall record as a pair to 12-1.

“We were very confident,” Folden said. “We have had a lot of success throughout the season. Lila and I have great chemistry in a doubles team. We have always had it. We have been friends for a very long time. We also play lacrosse together.

In the pool game of the Moose Tournament, Folden-Collins outscored Anna Sharkey-Mandi Becher of New Prague 7-5, 6-3, Leah Nemec-Jenna Trippel of Glencoe-Silver Lake 6-2, 6-2 and l Team Kelbee Lampi- Alexis Peterson of Pequot Lakes 6-3, 7-6 (6).

This got Brainerd into the Championship game against Katelyn Farder-Brynn Havis of East Grand Forks. Brainerd won 6-4, 6-2.

“I was really confident,” Collins said. “Every time I go out and play with Brynne I know we can beat anyone or everyone. It’s a nice feeling.

“I think we knew we were good. I think we were confident, but I think what the scores reflect, I didn’t think we would slaughter people. “

Women’s tennis: Pequot Lakes 1st, Brainerd 2nd at Moose tournament

Last season Folden played the No.2 doubles with Ally Goeden. Both finished 9-1 overall. It was Folden’s first year as a college point scorer.

“Playing number 1 doubles some of the girls hit with more power and their early serves are a bit better,” Folden said. “That’s what I noticed.

It was also Collins’ first season as a college point scorer. She mainly played in No.3 doubles and finished 8-1.

“My expectations at the start of the season were to play with Brynne at a high level and that’s exactly what we’re doing,” said Collins. “I think last year we started to experience our game together. This stuff just started to explode.

Tennis Girls: New section, new schedule, same roster of talented Warriors

During the offseason, Collins worked on his serve to give it more fluidity and power. Folden said she worked on her groundstrokes.

Folden said this season has been very different from last year with a new section, the ability to play triangulars, quads and tournaments. Another big difference will be the playoffs. The state tournament is back on the board and that’s the goal of the Warriors No.1 doubles team.

“The chemistry between the two, they communicate so well and they help each other in these pressured situations,” said Salo. “They stay focused and stay in the moment. They have the hits and can use them and be smart about it. They have a game plan and discuss it between points.

“They get this high level doubles competition and they manage it. They meet the best doubles teams from each team. They have been through difficult times, which is what we want, and they are looking forward to it.

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Other notable performances

Meghan Smith, volleyball, finished with 51 kills, 54 digs, 11 blocks and five serves aces in six games last week.

Catherine Moraghan, women’s tennis, was 4-0 for third place in the singles of the Moose tournament. She is 12-0 this season. She added wins against Fergus Falls and Sauk Rapids.

Lacy Busch, women’s tennis, was 4-0 for fourth place in the singles of the Moose tournament. She is 13-0 this season. She added wins against Fergus Falls and Sauk Rapids.

Adam Klecker, men’s soccer, scored two goals against Elk River and another against St. Cloud Tech.

Nathaniel Staehling, football, finished with three touchdowns against Moorhead.

Mya Tautges, in swimming and diving, won two individual events and competed in two winning relays against St. Cloud Apollo.

Hannah Drietz, a women’s cross-country skier, won the Titan Invite with a time of 19:52 to lead the Brainerd daughters to first place.

Peyton LeMeur, women’s football, recorded three consecutive shutouts last week.

Brynne folden

Brynne Folden.

Brynne Folden.

Sport: Tennis

Position: n ° 1 in doubles

Year: Senior

Age: 17 years old

Height: 5 feet-9

Career Highlight: Winning Athlete of the Week during Lacrosse Season

Other sports: Hockey, lacrosse

Weighted average: 3.6

Favorite course: Animal science

Favorite food: Steak

Favorite movie: “Miracle on Ice”

Favorite TV Show: “Friends”

Favorite site or app: TikTok

Favorite restaurant: El Tequila

Future plans: Undecided on where to go. Interested in studying education.

Favorite athlete: Patrick Kane

Parents: Brian and Jodee Folden

Lila collins

Lila collins

Lila collins

Sport: Tennis

Position: n ° 1 in doubles

Year: Second year

Age: 16

Height: 5 feet 4 inches

Highlight of his career: making college his eighth-grade season

Other sports: lacrosse

Preferred course: English

Favorite food: Fruits

Favorite movie: “The SpongeBob Movie: The Sponge Comes Out of the Water”

Favorite TV Show: “Criminal Minds”

Favorite site or app: Pinterest

Favorite restaurant: Buffalo Wild Wings

Future plans: go to college with maybe a nutrition degree

Favorite athlete: Brynne Folden

Parents: Amy and Jon Collins

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