Sports marketing

Why Instagram is a great tool for effective sports marketing

Since its inception in October 2010, Instagram has quickly grown into one of the busiest social media apps in the world, with over 1 billion monthly active users in 2020. It’s clear that the user-friendly sharing network of photos has completely changed what it means to see. and publish visual content. But how has the rise of Instagram affected brands that are important in today’s culture? Specifically, when it comes to sports businesses, the marketing tactics focus more on how they can attract users through the popular platform than using other more traditional methods. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why Instagram might just be the most useful tool around.

Over a billion monthly users

Sports businesses and brands that don’t have active and relevant Instagram accounts are definitely losing potential customers. Many sports fans use the platform as a tool to check news and enjoy high-quality photo content from their favorite teams, also visiting industry-related pages.

Since its initial launch, Instagram has grown exponentially in numbers and numbers, and what was once just another social media app is now an essential tool for marketers around the world. If your brand is meant to reach more users just by creating an account, what could you have to lose?

Recent statistics show that out of 1 billion Instagram users, 71% are 35 or younger

More visibility with customers

It’s no secret that a mobile presence increases the visibility of sports brands by connecting with billions of users through social media. Sports-related businesses ensure that their brands have a mobile grid that is just as engaging as their website landing page. For example, major soccer betting brands offer stats and number updates on their live page, and a link to that same location from their Instagram bios. This way, sports betting fans who are also frequent Instagram checkers have extremely convenient access to place bets on their favorite teams and players.

Brands also associate this strategy with engaging content that reflects the overall image of the website. Just take a look at some of the best sporting goods brands in the industry – they each feature stunning photographs and an intriguing copy of their products. Although the content is presented in a different format, the same logos and colors make the brand immediately recognizable to users, even on a different platform. The bottom line: A compelling Instagram page is just as important as a compelling online site, and brands that do both well are some of the best.

Photo content stimulates interest and emotions

The great thing about sports is that it has the potential to capture the best of photo content just by existing. Especially football matches, with their constant action and enthusiastic fans. The matches produced some of the best images, eliciting real emotion in their viewing. While most modern snaps have already made their way to be posted on the social media giant, many never got a chance because Instagram didn’t exist. However, given that we are now in a time when images can not only say a thousand words, but also reach thousands of people, there is no reason why brands should not upload meaningful images in the frame. of their campaigns.

Mobile advertising is the future

Let’s face it: technological advancements are only expected to increase over the next few decades, and many of these innovations will have a direct impact on mobile phones. Since most of the population carries these tiny computers with them 24/7, mobile platforms are definitely the future of useful information marketing. Even food companies like Heinz have used the platform to their advantage.

The point is, if you’re a big, relevant brand, you’re on Instagram. Most sports clubs and organizations are very active, and the biggest sports retail brands are increasing their number of followers every year. As younger generations enter the world of Instagram, these numbers only keep increasing. One thing is certain: Video and photo sharing, especially through this leading app, is the future of advertising.
One of the industry’s most popular sporting goods manufacturers, Nike’s continued success is in part due to its superb Instagram presence.