Why Larissa Lima could have been arrested by ICE for deportation

Carmen Nys shocked fans by posting about ICE’s apparent arrest of Larissa Dos Santos Lima of 90 Day Fiancé. But, does Larissa risk deportation?

90 day fiancé is known to feature foreigners from all over the world who travel to America on the K-1 visa to be with their long distance lovers. But things don’t always go as planned on this TLC reality show for most couples. When Larissa Dos Santos Lima came to the United States to marry Colt Johnson in 2018, she was unaware that two years later she was in danger of being deported. Here is what could have caused the 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? the star’s apparent arrest immediately following her success with OnlyFans and Camsoda.

Colt, 35, and Larissa, 33, broadcast their dirty laundry in public from start to finish 90 day fiancé. Las Vegas resident Colt had met Brazilian Larissa online and five days after they first met in person, the couple were engaged. Larissa and Colt tied the knot in June 2018 after landing in the United States on a K-1 visa, but not before being arrested just days before their wedding. Domestic violence was the theme of this 90 day fiancé relationship, as Larissa was arrested on domestic battery charges two more times while being charged with “domestic violence crime, “Third. Larissa and Colt both photographed each other with bloody and injured faces, and Colt’s mother had confessed that the previous two cases were still active. Colt filed for divorce from Larissa in January 2019 and soon enough. canceled his request for a green card. Larissa, left without money would have been paid 90 day fiancé fans, who helped her hire an immigration lawyer through online payments and Cameo. However, having a work permit allowed Larissa to continue living her American dream, as she recently claimed to have spent $ 72,000 on plastic surgery. But earlier today, as Larissa moved to her new home with boyfriend Eric Nichols in Colorado Springs, close friend Carmen Nys reported that she was arrested by ICE.

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While the threat of deportation still hung over 90 day fiancé star head, SoapDirt had suggested that the work permit was really worthless. “This document, an EAD (work authorization document) does not indicate that Larissa stays or obtains her green card. In fact, the immigration attorney said he was confirming she was in ‘removal proceedings’, ‘”. Colt had admitted to canceling Larissa’s affidavit of support because he didn’t want to be responsible for her. This document ensured that he would have supported Larissa financially while in the United States, but to make matters worse, the domestic violence charge left her with “is no longer a legal basis»To get a green card. History confirms that Larissa was convicted of the domestic violence charge but later he did community service and took courses on domestic violence to have the charge changed to “disorderly conduct»On his permanent criminal record. “Despite ‘legal charges’ Larissa has, she still ‘falls squarely into the category’ of a deportable alien“, Note the story.

The article mentions that the only way Larissa could continue to stay in America was to find a new husband for a green card. His three arrests are the biggest problems for the 90 Day fiancé celeb, and the work permit would only help to the extent that she would earn money. The deportation hearing, in this case, could have taken longer due to the coronavirus pandemic, during which Larissa apparently had time to marry.

Even though Larissa claimed that wedding bells were on the cards for her and Eric Nichols soon, the 90 day fiancé couple had not yet made any official announcements. Meanwhile, TMZ Larissa’s representative Lindsay Feldman reported, “Larissa’s legal team works meticulously on her release and clears up this misunderstanding. “According to the recent testimony of Larissa and Eric Instagram messages, she has been released from ICE custody and she even claims the team are also kind to her, but fans said knowing of the threat she should have let go. But as some fans claim Larissa pulled off a publicity stunt, Eric posted a video with her in U-Haul on the way home captioned, “EVEN ICE can’t tame my daughter @larissalimareal Hear weee still come @cityofcos. “Last week, Larissa spoke openly about her expensive plastic surgery and earning her income through sources such as Cameo and OnlyFans. 90 day fiancé Star? Whatever the reason, Larissa is now safe and ready to start her new 90 days. Fiancé: Happily forever? story in Colorado with Eric.

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